2017-07-01 Meeting

Welcome to Discovery Grids opening day community meeting.
I’d like to thank all those that have supported us through the catastrophe of the ransomware attack.

Angel and I are touched by your constant support and understanding.

Discovery Grid is now hosted by the professional hosting company Zetamex. We are now running OpenSim code RC2. It has been our goal since December 2016 to run this version of the code.

This version has brought us wanted improvements such as sound parcelization. For those who are wondering what this means, you can now play different music streams on each lot on a region.

The main map now works correctly whereas it used to not show all the regions.

Many additional SL script code calls have been added with this version enabling scripters to use and write scripts that improve your experience here.

Mesh uploads are still sometimes problematic but until a newer version of OpenSim code is released, tested and approved by our OpenSim Code Administrator – Kayaker Magic – we have set up a mesh upload sandbox running OpenSim code O.8.2.1 which was the last version of OS code where all properly constructed mesh items will upload correctly.

Some improvements that are being worked on for the grid by our Software Architect Balpien Hammerer are

mirrors that really reflect, glass that reflects,

water prims that appear identical to opensim water,

offline messages that can be sent to your email and responded to from your email.

Balpien has also implemented an awesome traffic monitor system that we will unveil in a couple of days.

We have 2 awesome new regions, Welcome and Discovery City thanks to the tireless efforts of Kayaker Magic, Jan Akesi, Sy Celina, Jay Copperfield, Balpien Hammerer, Bastien Falconville. This team was lead by Tenbears Running. These 2 regions will facilitate a great experience for new and existing community members.

As of today we have Regions that equal 3762 sims. We have the most free adventure areas anywhere in the metaverse on which you can, for free, sail, fly, explore, drive, horse ride, trek, swim,

With the help of Kristen Nightfire and Linda Kellie we now have a Gloebits region with free shop space for Discovery Grid community land owners. Please contact Kristen Nightfire if you would like a shop on this region. Kristen is our Gloebits liaison and Gloebits region manager.

We now have 16 1x1 events regions and will add more as needed. Our first event on these regions will be to celebrate our official opening which takes place today. These regions are claimable by contacting Gregg Legendary. On Saturday September 30th an elite team of judges will give awards to the participants.

I would to encourage you to explore the region we are having this meeting on, Discovery City to see the grand job the team has done. I would also like to encourage you to place items in the freebie shop vendors (limit).

One of our community members Brize Karu had a stroke recently and has been in the hospital. I encourage you to pray or send positive thoughts for his recovery. I would also like to encourage you to support his online wife, Susanna Bellic during his recovery.

Tiers will begin again as of today but if you do not have finances on this day do not worry, we can wait until a later day this month. Before you pay tier please contact me.

Our support and billing systems are being completed as we speak and should be operational through our webpage within the week. While I’m on the subject of our webpage I would like to point out it now has links to our YouTube site, Facebook page, Google plus site and coming soon our Twitter feed. Our new blog is also on our website. Angel is looking for volunteers to help manage the

various social media sites.
I would like to thank our new technical staff Kayaker Magic and Balpien Hammerer they’re skills will be instrumental in improving everyone’s experience.
I would like to recognise Tenbears Running for the long days he has put in assisting in grid performance, appearance, and working with our new service providers to improve everyone’s experience.

We would like your assistance in creating events for our 90 days of celebration which begins today. If you have any ideas, would like to sponsor a hunt, know a good DJ, or would like to schedule an event to celebrate our grand opening period please contact Gregg Legendary.

We will be announcing more things to come in our next community meeting next month.
Again, I would like to thank you all for standing by us during this time. We look forward to becoming the grid that everyone is talking about.
If you have any questions, comments please IM Angel and she will call on you to speak in this meeting.


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