2017-08-05 Meeting

[13:07] Angel Legendary: here we go (drum roll)
[13:07] Angel Legendary: With Discovery Grid fully back online many of our residents who lost the grid due to the slight change in the log-in information have and are returning.
[13:08] Angel Legendary: Many bringing friends who are enjoying our grid. Many new residents have also been joining and enjoying our grid.
[13:08] Angel Legendary: talk about an entrance lol
[13:08] Xentor Antarix: uhh I see star Trecking
[13:08] Kristin Nightfire: Hey Kayaker
[13:08] LaLa Glitter: lol
[13:08] Lindee Ellsmere: lol
[13:08] Lindee Ellsmere: Hi Kayaker!
[13:08] Freya Diamondfire: hi kayaker
[13:08] Xentor Antarix: and I guess I see his textures not correct
[13:08] Sylline Roberts: hugs Kayaker
[13:08] Kayaker Magic: hello all
[13:08] Siwan Sandalwood: Ooo, are you selling the Star Trek sound at your store?
[13:08] Xentor Antarix: or is this planned that he is partly transparent?
[13:08] Coffee cream wear R whispers: Awwww a Great up of Coffee!
[13:08] Angel Legendary: Our new support system is now operational and many people are finding it quite useful
[13:09] Angel Legendary: I would like to officially notify everyone that it is available and you can get to it via the Discovery Grid website by clicking on the Help tab at the top of the screen.
[13:09] Angel Legendary: . I would like to thank Balpien Hammerer and Angel Legendary for their tireless hours in getting the site setup.
[13:09] Coffee cream wear R whispers: Awwww a Great up of Coffee!
[13:09] Kayaker Magic: I've got texture problems, it is not "art"
[13:09] Siwan Sandalwood: sorry
[13:09] Fayre Scribe: lol
[13:09] Siwan Sandalwood: lol
[13:09] Angel Legendary: We encourage you to register on the support area using your Discovery Grid details
[13:09] Angel Legendary: In the registration process you will see a request for your full address but this is optional, the only part of the address you must put in is your country.
[13:09] Kitty Rider: i find that when i change terrain is is weird
[13:10] Angel Legendary: And this is for tax purposed for us when we fill out our forms
[13:10] Kayaker Magic: Why do I hear city noises in the background?
[13:10] Angel Legendary: Angel will be doing a ‘short’ presentation about the new support website in a few minutes.
[13:10] LaLa Glitter: close your rl window Kayaker? lol
[13:10] Xentor Antarix: I am not in USA
[13:10] Kayaker Magic is offline.
[13:10] Angel Legendary: We are in the process of setting up a Frequently Asked Questions area and would welcome suggestions of topics to include in this area as well as answers
[13:10] Angel Legendary: . Please send suggestions on a notecard to Angel Legendary.
[13:11] coffee Black wear R whispers: Awwww a Great up of Coffee!
[13:11] Angel Legendary: We would like to thank Linda Kellie for her help with Google plus, Jay Copperfield for her help with Facebook and Siwan Sandalwood for setting up and running up the Twitter feed.
[13:11] Becca Diamondfire is online.
[13:11] Angel Legendary: We encourage as many people as possible to join so that we can share more information.
[13:11] Angel Legendary: Angel is going to talk more about this in a few minutes.
[13:11] coffee Black wear R whispers: Awwww a Great up of Coffee!
[13:11] Kayaker Magic is online.
[13:11] Angel Legendary: And also we would like to encourage you to go to the G+ site
[13:11] Angel Legendary: arg slow down!
[13:12] Angel Legendary: We have been asked about advertising but have decided not to do any big campaigns until we can guarantee the condition of the grid.
[13:12] Angel Legendary: Some people have reported having severe lag at times.
[13:12] Angel Legendary: A work around is to relog into the Grid. It maybe that you have to relog 2 or 3 times but the situation should improve.
[13:12] Angel Legendary: Do NOT clear your cache before you relog.
[13:12] Special Magic is online.
[13:12] Kristin Nightfire: Thats a good thing?
[13:12] Kristin Nightfire: lol
[13:12] Angel Legendary: This is due to situation outside our control but we have a major project underway to rectify the situation
[13:12] Siwan Sandalwood: that's how we know she's still here
[13:12] Balpien Hammerer is online.
[13:13] Xentor Antarix: I think big advertising is not a good idea till the memoryproblem is solved. It will make people get a bad picture of here
[13:13] Siwan Sandalwood: apart from the text
[13:13] Xentor Antarix: when they expire big lag
[13:13] Bridget Jennings: (what is the URL for the support page - not sure if I have used ti or not)
[13:13] Angel Legendary: It has been suggested that we undertake rolling restarts once a week to help improve the region performance.
[13:13] Angel Legendary: We have taken this suggestion onboard and will work out a day (most likely Sunday) and time that works best for the grid.
[13:13] Jay Copperfield: Hi Special!
[13:13] Special Magic: hi!
[13:13] Angel Legendary: You may have noticed the improvements Balpien has made to our website
[13:13] LaLa Glitter: Hi special
[13:14] Kristin Nightfire: Hey Special
[13:14] Balpien Hammerer: waves
[13:14] Angel Legendary: Balpien has also developed a monitoring system that shows where users are on the grid.
[13:14] Angel Legendary: There are many more improvements to come and I thank him for the many hours he has spent improving the website.
[13:14] Siwan Sandalwood claps quietly
[13:14] Fayre Scribe: hey Bal!
[13:14] Angel Legendary: This is a great tool for when people are looking for others to hang out with.
[13:14] Angel Legendary: I now invite Balpien to further explain the region health monitor system.
[13:14] Kitty Rider: is the money exchage the same
[13:14] Special Magic: waves to Balpien and others
[13:14] Kristin Nightfire: are you typing now gregg?
[13:14] Kristin Nightfire: lol
[13:15] Becca Diamondfire: lmao
[13:17] Xentor Antarix: do you now voicechat?
[13:17] Xentor Antarix: or does nooen talk?
[13:18] Sylline Roberts: Blapien is talking
[13:18] Special Magic: Balpien is talking with voice yes
[13:18] Kitty Rider: sadly i don'
[13:18] Balpien Hammerer: ah yes, I can talk with chat too
[13:18] Kitty Rider: t hear
[13:18] Xentor Antarix: would be nice if announced I have this general off :-)
[13:18] Angel Legendary: sorry Xentor
[13:19] Xentor Antarix: no it`s ok I have it on now
[13:19] talia rosher: THANK YOU
[13:19] Xentor Antarix: I have it only normal off :-)
[13:19] Angel Legendary: we'll allow Balpien to do that before I proceed
[13:19] Becca Diamondfire: thatt sounds great
[13:19] Balpien Hammerer: I have a region health monitor that each region owner can place in their region
[13:19] Becca Diamondfire: we can put one out
[13:19] Balpien Hammerer: It monitors the health of the region, how well it is working, and whether it is down.
[13:19] Bridget Jennings: thank - would love to put one out
[13:19] Balpien Hammerer: I'll have qa notecard explaining the details.
[13:20] Xentor Antarix: hehe better put it not at ours or it burns out *smiles*
[13:20] Balpien Hammerer: For now, region owners will rececived a kit with the device and instructions.
[13:20] Taffy Riddler: oh sound, I had my off and making a texture since I was waiting for somthing to happen
[13:20] Kitty Rider: where can i get one
[13:20] Lindee Ellsmere: Thank you Balpien!
[13:20] LaLa Glitter: thank you Balpien
[13:20] Jay Copperfield: Thank you Balpien!
[13:20] Xentor Antarix: thank you. I got only the end :-)
[13:20] Angel Legendary: I don't think I can present and type, can someone help me with the typing?
[13:20] Balpien Hammerer whispers: OK
[13:20] LaLa Glitter: lol
[13:20] Angel Legendary: lol thanks
[13:20] Balpien Hammerer: I am presdentimng
[13:20] Kristin Nightfire: lol
[13:20] Balpien Hammerer: lol
[13:21] Freya Diamondfire: lmao
[13:21] Bridget Jennings: not sure if I can turn sounds on right now
[13:21] Balpien Hammerer: Presenting on the discovery grid services.
[13:21] Balpien Hammerer: You will see the discovery grid services WEB page,
[13:22] Sylline Roberts: Easy to do
[13:22] Balpien Hammerer: We'd like you to register using your account details:
[13:22] Xentor Antarix: Can you please give the URL ?
[13:22] Balpien Hammerer: includes avatar name, email used in your account, and your country.
[13:22] Balpien Hammerer: URL forthcoming.\
[13:22] LaLa Glitter: https://discoverygridservices.com/whmcs/index.php
[13:22] LaLa Glitter: oops sorry
[13:22] Balpien Hammerer: There are some mandatory fields.
[13:23] Chak Roberts: a dirty picture
[13:23] Gregg Legendary: non cound people feel let oput and are comp0laining
[13:23] Balpien Hammerer: There are also some names that cannot be used.
[13:23] Xentor Antarix: (only a short input: It is Demon... not Daemon)
[13:23] Balpien Hammerer: This is the registration page
[13:23] Balpien Hammerer: simple , easy to use.
[13:23] Sylline Roberts: If I done all can do!
[13:23] Taffy Riddler: what is it for?
[13:24] Balpien Hammerer: On the right of the page, the optional fields are:
[13:24] Siwan Sandalwood: wait, what if we're already registered?
[13:24] Balpien Hammerer: Taffy, this is the support web site.
[13:24] Balpien Hammerer: You can open tickets,
[13:24] Balpien Hammerer: buy regions.
[13:24] Balpien Hammerer: pay region tier.
[13:24] Siwan Sandalwood: ohh, ok, ii see it's a whole different site, sorry
[13:24] Taffy Riddler: why?
[13:24] Balpien Hammerer: This site is not yet integrated from the main WEB site.
[13:25] Balpien Hammerer: If you have to make a payment
[13:25] Sylline Roberts: separate entity from the ...ok loll
[13:25] Balpien Hammerer: you will need to put your full address details if in the US..
[13:25] Balpien Hammerer: From other countries it can be optional.
[13:25] Balpien Hammerer: A side note:
[13:25] Balpien Hammerer: There is only a small people who can read the address details.
[13:26] Siwan Sandalwood: ALL 2 of you?
[13:26] Balpien Hammerer: There is only a small people who can read the address detailBasically Gregg and Angel.
[13:26] Balpien Hammerer: This is assure your privacy
[13:26] LaLa Glitter: lol @ "small people"
[13:26] Kristin Nightfire: lol
[13:26] Sylline Roberts: now we know they are small loll
[13:26] Balpien Hammerer: *small number of...
[13:26] Siwan Sandalwood: :)
[13:26] Balpien Hammerer: Once registered you will receive an email
[13:26] Balpien Hammerer: which you need to validate
[13:26] Xentor Antarix: (till now not)
[13:26] Balpien Hammerer: Also:
[13:27] Balpien Hammerer: e have notice that some email addresses do not go through.
[13:27] Balpien Hammerer: Some gmail addresses end up as spam.
[13:27] Balpien Hammerer: Some do not get throuogh
[13:27] Xentor Antarix: I have gmx
[13:27] Balpien Hammerer: You need to allow at least 5 minutes for the server to perform the email send.
[13:27] Taffy Riddler: why is it in dos formate
[13:28] Balpien Hammerer: You should get something that looks like this
[13:28] Balpien Hammerer: click onthe link
[13:28] Sylline Roberts: and there you are!
[13:28] Balpien Hammerer: and you will see your email address has been confirmed
[13:28] Balpien Hammerer: it is important we have an accurate email address.
[13:28] Balpien Hammerer: so that we can action the support tickets on your behalf
[13:29] Xentor Antarix: I have registered now and wait for returnmail
[13:29] Balpien Hammerer: A quick rundown on the support WEB site...
[13:29] Balpien Hammerer: If you want to buy a new region you can order it online
[13:29] Balpien Hammerer: If you have regions, you will be able t list them.
[13:29] Balpien Hammerer: You can rename and move regions online
[13:30] Balpien Hammerer: The invoices will be sent about 5 days ahead of tier due.
[13:30] Balpien Hammerer: If you have more than one region paying tier can be grouped using the mass payment method
[13:30] Balpien Hammerer: You can add funds ahead too.
[13:30] Balpien Hammerer: e.g. going on holiday? You can pay ahead
[13:30] Balpien Hammerer: and the invoice will be paid from those funds.
[13:31] Balpien Hammerer: This is my (Angel's) page.
[13:31] Balpien Hammerer: Support items:
[13:31] Balpien Hammerer: You can see all yourt previous tickets.
[13:31] Balpien Hammerer: You can scroll through prev announcements.
[13:31] Balpien Hammerer: Or look through the knowledge base.
[13:32] Balpien Hammerer: .
[13:32] Balpien Hammerer: We need a lot of help filling this area out.
[13:32] Balpien Hammerer: When you go to open a ticket, these are the options
[13:33] Balpien Hammerer: I just added the gridwide issues category.
[13:33] Bridget Jennings: (ticketing works well)
[13:33] Balpien Hammerer: so that if you find a major grid issue you can open a ticket in that category.
[13:33] Balpien Hammerer: The tickets come to various people.
[13:33] Balpien Hammerer: Multiple other people about 10 who can action tickets.
[13:34] Balpien Hammerer: also you can add attachments if your ticket needs that.
[13:34] Balpien Hammerer: e.g. something weird going on.
[13:34] Balpien Hammerer: You can add a photo
[13:34] Balpien Hammerer: xentor, you asked how to find the WEB site...
[13:34] Balpien Hammerer: https://discoverygrtidservices.com
[13:34] Balpien Hammerer: https://discoverygridservices.com
[13:35] Balpien Hammerer: Or
[13:35] Balpien Hammerer: going to the main WEB site, you can see the optioins
[13:35] Taffy Riddler: https://discoverygridservices.com/whmcs/submitticket.php?step=2&deptid=3
[13:35] Balpien Hammerer: If you click on support request you will e taken directly to the services ticket area.
[13:35] Xentor Antarix: hmm I must throw in something else
[13:35] Xentor Antarix: may I ?
[13:35] Balpien Hammerer: This is all on the system.
[13:35] Xentor Antarix: I registed now
[13:35] Balpien Hammerer: questions?
[13:36] Xentor Antarix: (gmx mail adress)
[13:36] Xentor Antarix: and got till now no mail to my mailaccount
[13:36] Xentor Antarix: I got a mail in your internal mailsystem, but when I use it
[13:36] Xentor Antarix: it says the key is expired
[13:36] Balpien Hammerer: did you check your spam folder?
[13:36] Xentor Antarix: (the mail arived (there) not even a minute ago
[13:36] Xentor Antarix: yes I did
[13:36] LaLa Glitter: lol that happened to me too Xentor
[13:36] LaLa Glitter: I had to try again and then it sent it fast
[13:37] Balpien Hammerer will investigate.
[13:37] Special Magic: Would it be to discuss a new purchase with you (Angel & Greg) after the meeting ends? If so can we talk in skype about that then?
[13:37] Becca Diamondfire: yaaay i registered no problems
[13:37] Balpien Hammerer: Can I have in chat a list of people having problems?
[13:37] Special Magic: ty
[13:37] Freya Diamondfire: will there be a forum in the future? and also how can people get more involved with helping DG?

[13:37] Freya Diamondfire: will there be a forum in the future? and also how can people get more involved with helping DG?
[13:37] LaLa Glitter: lol
[13:38] Balpien Hammerer: Xentor, Taffy,...
[13:38] Balpien Hammerer: anyoneelse having problems?
[13:39] Bridget Jennings: turns out I registered about 10 days ago
[13:39] Angel Legendary hopes she wasn't meant to type that
[13:39] Siwan Sandalwood: i.e., moderated forum (makes sense)
[13:39] Balpien Hammerer: OK bridget.
[13:39] LaLa Glitter: But Freya you can post in the G+ community. https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/103057065667663518387
[13:39] Freya Diamondfire: ty

[13:40] Kristin Nightfire: on the Gloebit Mall
[13:41] Kristin Nightfire: i dont do voice but i can type
[13:41] Balpien Hammerer: Kristen would you speak on the GLoebit market, etc?
[13:42] Kristin Nightfire: im lagging all of a sudden
[13:42] Kristin Nightfire: its all good
[13:42] Kristin Nightfire: ok on the Gloebit Mall
[13:42] Sylline Roberts: I drunk it Chak
[13:42] Kristin Nightfire: There are several shops claimed
[13:43] Kristin Nightfire: but several that have yet to put any items in their shops
[13:43] Tenbears Running: Guilty !!!
[13:43] Jay Copperfield: ROFL...I wonder WHO ;)
[13:43] Kristin Nightfire: So I wanted to ask if those of you who havent, can either add something or let me know if you will be keeping it or not
[13:43] Lindee Ellsmere: me too! *blushes
[13:43] Special Magic: (my fault too)
[13:43] Kristin Nightfire: The more shops we get filled, the better area we have for visitors
[13:43] Xentor Antarix: ah my stuff buys so or so noone so ...
[13:44] Xentor Antarix: Ask Luna she has super good skins
[13:44] Kristin Nightfire: Also,,if you own a region in Discivery, you are entitled to a gloebit shop for free
[13:44] Angel Legendary: Kristin, how do we 'claim' a shop?
[13:44] Sylline Roberts: I agree coz this is a great place to go for shopping!
[13:44] Kristin Nightfire: so if youre interested, just let me know
[13:44] Angel Legendary: ok, that answers that question lol
[13:44] Kristin Nightfire: lol
[13:44] Fayre Scribe: :)
[13:44] Kristin Nightfire: at this time, anyone from other grids can claim a shop for a small fee
[13:44] Angel Legendary: how many prims can we use in a shop?
[13:45] Sylline Roberts: As concierge, we need a notecard with all the details ...fee, prims etc
[13:45] Jay Copperfield: Kristin, the cost if they don't own a region?
[13:45] Kristin Nightfire: you know, i havent really set down a number yet,,considering the shop sizes, i and amount of available prims, i dont think its ridiculous to say up to 1000
[13:45] Balpien Hammerer: oh I have stuff! :)
[13:46] Jay Copperfield: You do?!!!
[13:46] Fayre Scribe: nice.. ponders
[13:46] Angel Legendary: lol flying animals, hang gliders
[13:46] LaLa Glitter: lol
[13:46] Siwan Sandalwood: Stupid question (this is the first time I've been able to log in since May due to computer problems): What's the Gloebit mall (as opposed to any other malls)?
[13:46] Kristin Nightfire: The cost if they dont own a region is 25/week, but also those are the smaller shops set directly across from the landing
[13:46] Kristin Nightfire: Gloebits is a new monetary system
[13:46] Jay Copperfield: Thank you
[13:46] Angel Legendary: https://www.gloebit.com/about-gloebit
[13:47] Kristin Nightfire: it allows people from the hypergrid to shop and take the items back to their home grids
[13:47] Xentor Antarix: ahh, cool
[13:47] Sylline Roberts: it allow us to buy in differents grids
[13:47] Jay Copperfield: Kristin, can we schedule a meeting to have Chris come and give a talk on Gloebit?
[13:47] Bridget Jennings: that is good
[13:47] Gregg Legendary: but a region can only have one meny stsytem at a time eithe podex or blebits
[13:47] Kristin Nightfire: yes, i am planning on doing that Jay but was waiting to see what kind of response we got on the mall
[13:48] Kristin Nightfire: as of now, i believe only 4 of us are set up
[13:48] Freya Diamondfire: can region owners have there own small globebit area ie for a shop they own or is it all done in one area of DG?
[13:48] LaLa Glitter: Also with gloebit your money goes with you to your other avatars on other grids.
[13:48] Gregg Legendary: arrg i cant type
[13:48] Kristin Nightfire: yes, that is something you talk to gregg about
[13:48] Angel Legendary: we know gregg but we still love you
[13:48] Balpien Hammerer: :)
[13:48] Jay Copperfield: It is a fantastic system in my opinion.
[13:48] Kristin Nightfire: it really is
[13:48] Siwan Sandalwood: cool, thanks :)
[13:48] Bridget Jennings: sounds like it
[13:48] Gregg Legendary: as a region goes its one meney system or the other
[13:49] LaLa Glitter: I have my clutterfly region set to gloebits. So you can choose what currency system you want in place on your own region
[13:49] Kristin Nightfire: when i do get a meeting with chris, i will let gregg and angel know and also put out a notice
[13:49] Sylline Roberts: it's like to have travelers cheks with us
[13:49] Fayre Scribe: so will our monetary system be changing ?
[13:49] Angel Legendary: As grid owners it doesn't impact us either way, it's purely a personal choice for your region
[13:49] Gregg Legendary: gloebits has nothing to do with your dg's its the way they desisgned it
[13:49] Jay Copperfield: That would be great.
[13:50] Gregg Legendary: no we will still use podex generally but the option is there if youd rather use gloe
[13:50] Taffy Riddler is offline.
[13:50] Kristin Nightfire: ok, so sorry, but rl is calling. i have to run
[13:50] Freya Diamondfire: ive noticed with podex hypergrid users cant purchase currency threw it ive seen a couple of grids where you can but that was a diff currency system to podex
[13:50] Gregg Legendary: the goebots mal lets you dip your toes and try it out
[13:50] Angel Legendary: Thanks Kristin
[13:50] Jay Copperfield: Thank you Kristin
[13:50] Kristin Nightfire: yvw
[13:50] Balpien Hammerer: ty
[13:50] Kristin Nightfire: sorry folks
[13:50] Lindee Ellsmere: Thank you Kristin!
[13:50] Gregg Legendary: DC's are exclusive to our residents

[13:50] Kristin Nightfire: bbl
[13:50] Kristin Nightfire is offline.
[13:51] LaLa Glitter: And gloebit is founded by the guy that used to be the CFO of linden labs.
[13:51] Fayre Scribe: but you can't do both
[13:51] Xentor Antarix: ohno she poofed off
[13:51] Freya Diamondfire: one last question if its ok?
[13:51] Jay Copperfield: Yes
[13:51] Balpien Hammerer: last questions?
[13:51] Freya Diamondfire: How do we get our regions listed on the grid status page under top regions by traffic? is that with the landing mat that balpien mentioned?
[13:51] Balpien Hammerer: (chatting for angell)....
[13:51] Freya Diamondfire: ty
[13:51] Gregg Legendary: its not really a landing mat
[13:51] Freya Diamondfire: ok
[13:51] Balpien Hammerer: Yes, the region gets listed by way on the region health and monitoring system.
[13:51] Gregg Legendary: its a monitor they need niot land on it
[13:52] Balpien Hammerer: It's more than a landing mat.
[13:52] Bridget Jennings: nice
[13:52] LaLa Glitter: I have a question too please
[13:52] Balpien Hammerer: Balpien (me) will create a region kit
[13:52] Lindee Ellsmere: Thank you Balpien
[13:52] Balpien Hammerer: The owner has to place it.
[13:52] LaLa Glitter: I thought that the new page was a new page. But it's just a new support page and the website is staying the same?
[13:52] Xentor Antarix: ah compareable to my transportnetwork beacon
[13:52] Xentor Antarix: ah so like my OSGrid Teleport manager system
[13:52] LaLa Glitter: sorry chat lag a bit
[13:53] Xentor Antarix: yes I guess to many people -- simmemory gets full
[13:53] Gregg Legendary: the page is a new page but support and billing is a sub page not yet but someday will be intergratesd
[13:53] LaLa Glitter: ah ok thank you
[13:53] Balpien Hammerer: For the time being the two WEB sites will exist.
[13:54] Balpien Hammerer: In the end there will be integration.
[13:54] Balpien Hammerer: Just takes time to do that.
[13:54] Tenbears Running: Comment......
[13:54] Siwan Sandalwood: so we need a separate password for that site?
[13:54] Sylline Roberts: me love 2 pages loll
[13:54] LaLa Glitter: they just look a lot different
[13:54] Balpien Hammerer: It was important to get the support and payment running.
[13:54] Balpien Hammerer: And eventually it will be unified
[13:54] LaLa Glitter: two is better than zero
[13:54] Balpien Hammerer: including theme.
[13:55] Balpien Hammerer: Can be the the same password and account name, in fact that is preffered.
[13:55] Siwan Sandalwood: ok, thanks ... so it's two different accts (for now)
[13:55] Balpien Hammerer: because when unification day happens those with the same account & pw will integrate immediuately.
[13:55] LaLa Glitter: lol
[13:55] Jay Copperfield: That isn't what she said, Gregg :)
[13:55] LaLa Glitter: that was tricky Gregg
[13:55] Bridget Jennings: would not let me use the same password on the support account
[13:55] Xentor Antarix: like said there seems be problems with the aprovingmail.
[13:55] Siwan Sandalwood: so which pw will be used when the systems integrate (if they're different)
[13:55] LaLa Glitter: you can tell he got some sleep
[13:56] Tenbears Running: Region Owners Group? Will that group invite be offered to Region Owners, to disseminate the Health/ Traffic Monitor?
[13:56] Jay Copperfield: I'm good at kicking ;)
[13:56] Siwan Sandalwood: you don't sound like it :)
[13:56] Balpien Hammerer: OK, those people having issues, please contact angel by IM.
[13:56] Xentor Antarix: They are different, but your webpage ook my normal password not (to unsecure)
[13:56] Sylline Roberts: yeahhhhhhh one password for all
[13:56] Siwan Sandalwood: ok, thanks
[13:56] Balpien Hammerer: We'll figure this out.
[13:56] Lindee Ellsmere: Tenbears, good question
[13:57] Balpien Hammerer: Also the support WEB site has a secure certificat.
[13:57] Tenbears Running: Region Owners Group?
[13:57] Bridget Jennings: I will try to change the older passwerod then to match the new standard some time
[13:57] Balpien Hammerer: The site is HTTPS, secure.
[13:57] Sylline Roberts: same https as a bank i can tell
[13:57] Balpien Hammerer: .
[13:57] Balpien Hammerer: The time for integration is not set yet.
[13:57] Balpien Hammerer: There is still more to be done to add servies etc.
[13:58] Balpien Hammerer: final questions?
[13:58] LaLa Glitter: lol
[13:58] Lindee Ellsmere: Could you answer Tenbears qustion?
[13:58] LaLa Glitter: this is the funnest meeting
[13:58] Sylline Roberts: TP dont work good for me...l'll need to do a ticket
[13:58] Lindee Ellsmere: lol
[13:58] Balpien Hammerer: T asked about a region owners group.
[13:58] Xentor Antarix: TP works general not very good :-) Syline
[13:58] Balpien Hammerer: Look to Angel's left.
[13:59] Balpien Hammerer: There is a google+ group for Discovery Grid
[13:59] Balpien Hammerer: good tool for advertising, picture sharing, comments.
[13:59] Jay Copperfield: Linda has done an excellent job of setting it up.
[13:59] Bridget Jennings: I have joined that
[13:59] LaLa Glitter: thank you for that Angel :)
[13:59] Balpien Hammerer: Does require a google+ account
[14:00] Balpien Hammerer: and soon! a twitter account.
[14:00] Siwan Sandalwood: but sooon will :)
[14:00] Freya Diamondfire: does DG have a flickr account?
[14:00] lunastra silverweb: hm hehe ok
[14:00] Balpien Hammerer: At the bottom of the WEBsite (both of them) you will links to google+, facebook.
[14:01] talia rosher: I *have* to join twiytter
[14:01] Balpien Hammerer: Question: How many people cannot hear voice?
[14:01] talia rosher: ?
[14:01] Sylline Roberts: I can
[14:01] Xentor Antarix: I hear it now
[14:01] Kayaker Magic: I hear voice
[14:01] Angel Legendary: You do not have to join twitter, it's all optional
[14:01] Siwan Sandalwood: what? i can't hear voice? ;) just kidding. i can.
[14:01] Balpien Hammerer: talia, no you do not have to join twitter, or facebok or even google+ - it is all optional
[14:01] Xentor Antarix: (since I know you voice)
[14:01] lunastra silverweb: i can... but i thought he said cannot hear
[14:01] Bridget Jennings: I do not have it on
[14:01] talia rosher: how do we get the aforementioned announcements then
[14:01] Siwan Sandalwood: also you should be able to see the twitter feed without having an acct
[14:02] Freya Diamondfire: is there a flickr page to follow for DG?
[14:02] Lindee Ellsmere: If you want to see Twitter announcements you have to join Twitter, but it is optional
[14:02] Sylline Roberts: yes I can see the google+ even if I odnt have account...also FB but I just cannot add comment
[14:02] Xentor Antarix: yes
[14:02] lunastra silverweb: yes
[14:02] Becca Diamondfire: yep
[14:02] LaLa Glitter: yes
[14:02] Siwan Sandalwood: aye
[14:02] Sylline Roberts: yes
[14:02] Chak Roberts: yes angel
[14:02] Balpien Hammerer: Remember that any official announcements are placed on the support portal and main page.
[14:03] Balpien Hammerer: Freya, we have a Flcikr account but we need someone to manage it.

[14:03] Sylline Roberts: I know nothing about all that
[14:03] Siwan Sandalwood: oo!
[14:03] Freya Diamondfire: smiles ok ty il follow it and i can try
[14:03] Balpien Hammerer points at freya :)
[14:03] Siwan Sandalwood: i am! :)
[14:03] Freya Diamondfire: smiles ok
[14:03] Sylline Roberts: Applause Freya
[14:03] Xentor Antarix: is this this picture page you need forcingly an account to see anything?
[14:04] Siwan Sandalwood: (pinterest, woot)
[14:04] LaLa Glitter: oh wow I'd like the link to the pintrest.
[14:04] Balpien Hammerer: We also have a pinterest account, also in need of love and care.

[14:04] Xentor Antarix: ah thsis print what ever page :-)
[14:04] Siwan Sandalwood: hee
[14:04] Balpien Hammerer: TB can you ask the q?
[14:05] Balpien Hammerer: (TB asked about : a region owners group, low traffic, no ads. It's for region issues
[14:06] Balpien Hammerer: The region health and monitor package is one example of things that would be sent through this group.

[14:06] Sylline Roberts: he's asleep loll
[14:06] Angel Legendary: Gregg?
[14:06] Balpien Hammerer: Gregg will now talk to us... (he can type chat. :-P
[14:06] Freya Diamondfire: giggles
[14:06] Jay Copperfield: lol
[14:06] Xentor Antarix: pf I know our region is not healthy without meter :-)

[14:07] Balpien Hammerer: Recap: we love you all, thanks for coming, IM gregg or angel with any other questions.
[14:07] Angel Legendary: lol
[14:07] Lindee Ellsmere: Thank you so much!! xoxoxo
[14:07] Jay Copperfield: Thank you!

[14:08] Chak Roberts: 5am angel would have risen like me -- only to come to meeting
[14:08] Siwan Sandalwood: thanks for the meeting. very informative; lots of new info!
[14:08] Fayre Scribe: ty
[14:08] Jay Copperfield: Show and Tell ;)
[14:08] Balpien Hammerer: It's sow and tell time
[14:08] Balpien Hammerer: I challenged myself to make a nice vehicle
[14:08] Balpien Hammerer: \there is rezzer.
[14:09] Balpien Hammerer: have fun trying out the hanglifder.
[14:09] Angel Legendary: it's awesome (and it swims)
[14:09] Jay Copperfield: It is AWESOME!!!
[14:09] Sylline Roberts: hang glider?
[14:09] Special Magic: sounds great!
[14:09] Lindee Ellsmere: Is it for sale?
[14:09] Bridget Jennings: very good meeting
[14:09] lunastra silverweb: cool thanks
[14:09] LaLa Glitter: very cool
[14:09] Balpien Hammerer: tuned for ubODE thae hanglider showulf fun!]
[14:09] lunastra silverweb: good meeting! glad to see you all.
[14:09] Balpien Hammerer: It is directly above us on the roof.
[14:09] Gregg Legendary is offline.

[14:09] Lindee Ellsmere: Thank you
[14:09] Xentor Antarix: hm nothing that can be solved now :-)
[14:09] Balpien Hammerer waves
[14:09] Fayre Scribe: not at this time :)
[14:09] Jay Copperfield: Thank you Angel!
[14:09] LaLa Glitter: I'll be putting something on G+ outlining what we talked about here for anyone that missed anything
[14:09] Lindee Ellsmere: waves to everyone xo
[14:10] Sylline Roberts: I'll submit a ticket Angel...too long to explain here
[14:10] Jay Copperfield: ROFL


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