2017-12-02 Meeting

DG Community Meeting ~ 12/02/2017 @ 1:00PM


[13:06] Angel Legendary: So calling this meeting to order

[13:06] Angel Legendary: Hello and welcome to all of you

13:07] Angel Legendary: to help keep a log of who attended could you please type "here" in local chat

[13:07] Lindee Ellsmere: Here

[13:07] Xentor Antarix: here

[13:07] Xentor Antarix: huhu

[13:07] talia rosher: here

[13:07] Austin Shepherd: here

[13:07] Tenbears Running: Here

[13:07] Hazumi Kaze: here

[13:07] Bastien Falconvale: Right here.

[13:07] Nicolas Hel: here, here ?

[13:07] lunastra silverweb: gere

[13:08] lunastra silverweb: oops

[13:08] lunastra silverweb: here

[13:08] lunastra silverweb: *giggles*

[13:08] Bastien Falconvale: Uh-oh... Jay's not here.

[13:08] Angel Legendary mutters must get a touch box

[13:08] Angel Legendary: she's taking minutes

[13:08] Hazumi Kaze: been 2 mins so far

[13:08] Angel Legendary: So onto the Status of the Grid

[13:08] Bastien Falconvale: That makes her exempt? I'll remember that.

[13:08] Tenbears Running: Jay is HERE

[13:08] Bastien Falconvale grins at Ten. "I bet she is."

[13:09] Angel Legendary: Balpien was going to present on this but unfortunately he got the flu.

[13:09] Angel Legendary and thinks and being a male, and being sick but doesn't say that cause that might not go down well

[13:09] Angel Legendary: so how is the grid going you ask?

[13:10] Angel Legendary: we now call ourselves a stable grid. Most of those early pesky bugs are gone.

[13:10] Angel Legendary: we will be upgrading to opensim 0.9.1 in the next couple of weeks.

[13:10] Angel Legendary: it is currently being tested on some regions on the test grid and appears to fix a lot of those niggling remaining issues

[13:10] Angel Legendary: he procedure will cause regions to undergo a rolling restart but notification will be given beforehand.

[13:11] Angel Legendary: As you will have noticed, you have your money back and working. I really do have to thank Kayaker Magic supported by Balpien Hammerer for their efforts on getting the money server back up and running

[13:12] Angel Legendary: So our podex money is back but still waiting to connect our Gloebits money. Since this only affects the Gloebits mall at this stage this isn't urgent but will hopefully happen as soon as Chris (from Gloebits) and I can catch each other.

[13:13] Angel Legendary: Also Kayaker is working on getting voice running and is going to look at trialling it on the test grid and once working correctly it will be transferred to the main grid.

[13:13] Angel Legendary: Balpien, Tenbears, Kayaker and Jay have been working tirelessly on the grid and it’s showing their combined efforts. Without them, this grid would not be what it is today.

[13:13] Angel Legendary: One thing you might find interesting is Balpien mentioned recently that another grid has been trying to hack into our servers.

[13:14] Bastien Falconvale: It's good to see they haven't succeeded.

[13:14] lunastra silverweb: ??

[13:14] Angel Legendary: Our security however is now rock solid. No more malwares, no more DDS attacks

[13:14] Xentor Antarix: is there now too a grid war going on... ?

[13:15] Angel Legendary: oh most likely Xentor but I keep out of those politics

[13:15] Star Farer is online.

[13:15] Angel Legendary: however my ears are always open to news.... :)

[13:15] Xentor Antarix: I ake dnot to join in. I find it only childish .

[13:15] Angel Legendary: agreed!

[13:15] Bastien Falconvale nods

[13:15] Angel Legendary: GRID CURRENCY

[13:16] Angel Legendary: After the change of ownership it was brought to the concierge and senior management the question about changing the grid to be aligned with other grid currencies.

[13:16] Xentor Antarix: *had neve rmoney, will never have*

[13:16] Angel Legendary: For example, having the same exchange rate as say inworldz

[13:16] Star Farer is offline.

[13:16] Angel Legendary: After much discussion, including investigation about what other grids conversion is, it has been decided to stay with the current currency rate of US$1.00 to DC100.

[13:16] Angel Legendary: And believe me, when I say much discussion I really do mean it.

[13:16] talia rosher: nods

[13:17] Bastien Falconvale nods. "That seems to be a simple enough conversion."

[13:17] Angel Legendary: But to help people understand our exchange rate in comparision to other grids, Kayaker has made a conversion tool.

[13:17] Angel Legendary: He was supposed to be here to explain it but unfortunately he's caught in traffic.

[13:18] Angel Legendary: There is a copy of the calculator to my left. Please take a copy and pass it around

[13:19] Angel Legendary: it's very simple to use. For example, you want to know what an item worth 200dc would be worth in the equivalent GCG currency

[13:19] Angel Legendary: do the following in local chat

[13:19] Angel Legendary: convert dc$200

[13:19] Conversion Calculator 1.1: 200 in DC$ equals:

[13:19] Conversion Calculator 1.1: 200 in DC$ equals:

[13:19] Conversion Calculator 1.1: 1.60 in CAN$

[13:19] Conversion Calculator 1.1: 1.60 in CAN$

[13:19] Conversion Calculator 1.1: 500 in MC$

[13:19] Conversion Calculator 1.1: 500 in MC$

[13:19] Conversion Calculator 1.1: 2.00 in USD$

[13:19] Conversion Calculator 1.1: 2.00 in USD$

[13:19] Conversion Calculator 1.1: 1000 in IW$

[13:19] Conversion Calculator 1.1: 1000 in IW$

[13:19] Conversion Calculator 1.1: 600 in KC$

[13:19] Conversion Calculator 1.1: 600 in KC$

[13:19] Conversion Calculator 1.1: 512 in SL$

[13:19] Conversion Calculator 1.1: 512 in SL$

[13:19] Conversion Calculator 1.1: 460 in GB$

[13:19] Conversion Calculator 1.1: 460 in GB$

[13:20] Angel Legendary: and the calculator will give you all the conversion rates currently in the convertor. For GCG the conversion would be $200 dc would equal 500mcs

[13:20] Austin Shepherd: convert dc$100

[13:20] Conversion Calculator 1.1: 100 in DC$ equals:

[13:20] Conversion Calculator 1.1: 0.80 in CAN$

[13:20] Conversion Calculator 1.1: 250 in MC$

[13:20] Conversion Calculator 1.1: 1.00 in USD$

[13:20] Conversion Calculator 1.1: 500 in IW$

[13:20] Conversion Calculator 1.1: 300 in KC$

[13:20] Conversion Calculator 1.1: 256 in SL$

[13:20] Conversion Calculator 1.1: 230 in GB$

[13:20] talia rosher: 1000 in DG$

[13:21] Lindee Ellsmere: So $1.00 is 100 dc and 500 if in IW?

[13:21] Angel Legendary: yes

[13:21] talia rosher: what is dc?

[13:21] Angel Legendary: which means vendors can now adjust their prices accordingly.

[13:21] lunastra silverweb: is this calculator something that we should have in our regions?

[13:21] Angel Legendary: DC = Discovery coins

[13:22] talia rosher: thank you angel

[13:22] Lindee Ellsmere: so we should go up in price for our merchant items and not down?

[13:22] Angel Legendary: If you sell items, it's handy to have a calculator near your vendors

[13:22] lunastra silverweb: *nods* ok

[13:22] Lindee Ellsmere: got it, thank u

[13:22] Angel Legendary: no, down lindee. Our money is worth more

[13:22] Lindee Ellsmere: k

[13:22] Angel Legendary: that's right isn't it Tenbears (early morning - brainless)

[13:22] Angel Legendary: me that is not Tenbears

[13:23] Tenbears Running: yes, correct, it would be

[13:23] Jay Copperfield: lol

[13:23] Tenbears Running: I thought she wall callin' my brainless, but she IS the boss

[13:23] Bastien Falconvale: lol

[13:23] Lindee Ellsmere: LO

[13:23] Lindee Ellsmere: LOL

[13:24] Angel Legendary: Steelman had an item out that was worth 400 izzies but here he priced it at .68 dcs

[13:24] Angel Legendary: Does that help Lindee?

[13:24] Lindee Ellsmere: I am thinking

[13:24] Lindee Ellsmere: lol

[13:24] Bastien Falconvale checks the smoke alarm

[13:24] Lindee Ellsmere: LOL

[13:24] Angel Legendary: DG CURRENCY TYPE

[13:24] Jay Copperfield: Grin

[13:25] Angel Legendary: Further to the above discussion was whether to change the grid to just one currency type, that is either Podex or Gloebits only.

[13:25] Angel Legendary: Atm we have only one region running Gloebits, which is the Gloebits mall, the rest of the grid is running podex

[13:25] Angel Legendary: Some of the pro's and cons of each system are:

[13:26] Angel Legendary: Podex, located in Europe, has strong reputation, already running it, can transfer for free across different grids now

[13:26] Xentor Antarix: Hehe I still wanna know who thought of this name

[13:26] Xentor Antarix: ...

[13:26] Xentor Antarix: Podex meand in german ass

[13:26] Bastien Falconvale: Ha!

[13:26] Jay Copperfield: LOL

[13:27] Balpien Hammerer is online.

[13:27] Lindee Ellsmere: I can't wait to call someone a Podex hahahhaha

[13:27] Angel Legendary: Gloebits, located in the USA, doesn't have same trust level with Europeans, with available on all gloebits enabled grids without having to wait on money transfers,

[13:27] lunastra silverweb: *grins*

[13:27] Angel Legendary: Eventually it was decided that we would keep both types of currencies

[13:27] Angel Legendary: But allow merchants to choose which type they would like to run on their region.

[13:28] Angel Legendary: A region can ONLY have one type of currency on it.

[13:28] Bridget Jennings is online.

13:28] Angel Legendary: If you want to change from Podex to Gloebits, that is fine, just drop either me or Tenbears a notecard and we'll arrange for it to happen.

[13:29] Angel Legendary: any questions so far on currency issues?

[13:29] Bastien Falconvale: Nope. I think it's a good idea to leave folks with choices.

[13:29] Lindee Ellsmere: agrees

[13:30] Hazumi Kaze: silly Q ... so each person can only run one currancy?

[13:30] Jay Copperfield: I have always liked that idea.

[13:30] Angel Legendary: not a person, a region.

[13:30] Hazumi Kaze: ok soo i could have 2 currancies in my account?

[13:30] Angel Legendary: A region is configured to run a particular currency

[13:30] Angel Legendary: you

[13:30] Hazumi Kaze: ok :-)

[13:31] Angel Legendary: Yes

[13:31] Angel Legendary: The transaction log which you see on the website shows you the podex transactions

[13:31] Angel Legendary: To see your Gloebits transactions you go to the gloebits website

[13:31] Hazumi Kaze: TY

[13:31] Xentor Antarix: hurray globoli

[13:32] Balpien Hammerer is offline.

[13:32] Angel Legendary: ok, now to something more difficult and doesn't actually affect anyone here lol

[13:32] Angel Legendary: but I need it put into the minutes so here goes

[13:32] Angel Legendary: REGION PAYMENTS

[13:33] Bastien Falconvale: Greetings, Bridget. *smiles*

[13:33] Angel Legendary: I have been thinking about this for quite some time, and while I will continue to honour Gregg’s offers on regions from when he was running the grid

[13:33] Bridget Jennings: hello all

[13:33] Angel Legendary: I feel it is unfair for DG to fund regions for people who are paying for regions on other grids.

[13:33] Angel Legendary: Therefore, from the 1st March, if a region owner has virtual land in another grid for which they are paying, there is an expectation that they will also pay for their region in DG.

[13:34] Angel Legendary: I will still honour quid-pro-quo agreements so if you have something that you believe would benefit DG in such a way as to compensate for region payment, please contact me directly to discuss.

[13:34] Angel Legendary: GREETERS

[13:34] Angel Legendary: It’s time to start getting people set up as greeters.

[13:34] Angel Legendary: You might ask me, what does a greeter do?

[13:35] Angel Legendary: Statistics show that you have about 30 seconds to greet a new person to your grid

[13:35] Angel Legendary: What you do after that can vary but we need to be on top of a new person arriving and saying hello.

[13:35] lunastra silverweb: agree

[13:35] Angel Legendary: Balpien or Kayaker will make a tool that allows notification of a new person arriving that will contact a person on the greeter list so they can literally drop tools and jump over to Welcome to say hello.

[13:35] Angel Legendary: A kit will be created to provide some information to greeters, such as places of interest, who to contact etc.

[13:35] Angel Legendary: What skills do you need to be a greeter you ask.

[13:36] Angel Legendary: Be friendly!

[13:36] lunastra silverweb: and positive

[13:36] Bridget Jennings: that sound sabout right based on what I have seen about web site visitors (30 secs and they are gone)

[13:36] Xentor Antarix: We are ever freindly

[13:36] Angel Legendary: Seriously, that's the best skill you can have - welcome, behave, be positive and friendly :)

[13:37] Angel Legendary: Thanks Bridget, it seems to be supported across a number of game mediums and 30 seconds is not long

[13:37] Bridget Jennings: it is not longs at all

[13:37] Angel Legendary: I would love to see every resident sign up to be a greeter.

[13:37] Kayaker Magic is online.

[13:37] Angel Legendary: That way, we would have 24 hours covered so when new people arrive, they are welcomed.

[13:38] Angel Legendary: If you think you would be interested, even if you're a bit nervous about doing it, let Tenbears know and he'll put you on the list.

[13:38] Xentor Antarix: When I see new persons

[13:38] Angel Legendary: We'll do a bit of simple training so you're not totally thrown out there

[13:38] Xentor Antarix: I try ever bes ti can to help

[13:38] Jay Copperfield: Naughty or Nice?

[13:39] Angel Legendary so m a n y ways to answer that

[13:39] Bastien Falconvale: In your case, Jay? *winks*

[13:39] lunastra silverweb: Will send him a notecard for the hours each can be available for greeting.

[13:39] Jay Copperfield: LOL

[13:39] Hazumi Kaze: " Hi Handsome  :-)  "

[13:39] Jay Copperfield: Exactly, Hazumi :)

[13:39] Tenbears Running: not TOO Friendly, Hazumi

[13:40] Angel Legendary: Well, we thought to start simple for the moment Lunastra. Basically when a new person shows up, the next person that is online on the list will be contacted

[13:40] Hazumi Kaze: :-)

[13:40] Angel Legendary: The list is supposed to rotate through so the same person won't be contacted all the time

[13:40] Star Farer is online.

[13:41] Angel Legendary: EVENTS

[13:41] Angel Legendary: Although some work has been done on the Christmas event we are really working uphill this year to get something working.

[13:41] Bridget Jennings: might be good too tp a;ways be logged to the DG comunioty chat so questions can be answered and people wil not feel so islostaed

[13:41] Bastien Falconvale: Hey, Kayaker. Glad you made it.

[13:42] Jay Copperfield: Hi Kayaker!

[13:42] Angel Legendary: That's a good idea Bridget. In the near future all new people will become automatic members of the Discovery Community Group. It will make it much easier to communicate with them

[13:42] Xentor Antarix: We have sorry nothing real fitting for christmas... Sci Fi is not so christmas themed :-)

[13:42] Lindee Ellsmere: Is Taffy's Christmas thing still a go?

[13:42] Kayaker Magic: In my spare time, I will set out my Zero-Lag-Holiday lights again.

[13:43] Angel Legendary: I am not sure to be honest Lindee. I haven't seen Taffy for a number of days

[13:43] Lindee Ellsmere: ty Kayaker!

[13:43] Jay Copperfield: Those are great

[13:43] Angel Legendary: you have spare time Kayaker?

[13:43] Lindee Ellsmere: ty Angel.

[13:43] Angel Legendary makes mental list of things to give to Kayaker to do...

[13:43] Bridget Jennings: Taffy has a nice build set up on Evergreen as a starting point

[13:44] Lindee Ellsmere: Yes, that's the one I was thinking of Bridget.

[13:44] Angel Legendary: For future events, I am looking forwards to regions hosting events of their choosing or having hunts or boat races etc

[13:44] Bridget Jennings: grid wide hunts are a great idea

[13:45] Angel Legendary: So start thinking of how you might want to be involved. This grid is about community, which means we need to work together to achieve outcomes.

[13:45] Bastien Falconvale nods. "They encourage people to explore."

[13:45] lunastra silverweb: could be invitations to RolePlays as well, do we have a place for announcemnts yet? I have not noticed.

[13:45] Angel Legendary: The best place for announcements at this stage would be the community group

13:46] talia rosher: so even the new people hear

[13:46] lunastra silverweb: Ok that is great .... *sees the sign 'dont ask questions yet'* sorry

[13:46] Bridget Jennings: yes

[13:46] Angel Legendary: If you want to be able to place announcements, let either tenbears, jay, balpien or myself know and we'll add you to the announcer list :)

[13:46] Xentor Antarix: Yes but not everyone can announce things in the Communety group

[13:46] Xentor Antarix: I can not for example

[13:47] Bastien Falconvale: If you mean a physical location, that can probably be arranged, too.

[13:47] Star Farer is offline.

[13:47] Angel Legendary: and now, last item

[13:47] Xentor Antarix: there should perhaps be a kind of lifeticker for events on the loginpage and webpage

[13:47] Bastien Falconvale: Good idea, Xentor.

[13:47] Angel Legendary: lifeticker?

[13:48] Angel Legendary: So COMMUNITY

[13:49] Angel Legendary: What does it mean to be a community

[13:49] Xentor Antarix: hm, help eatch other?

[13:49] Angel Legendary: yep

[13:49] lunastra silverweb: family

[13:49] Angel Legendary: how though?

[13:49] Lindee Ellsmere: How about frequent community events?

[13:50] Angel Legendary: those will help Lindee but not everyone comes to events

[13:50] Lindee Ellsmere: The gathering together of us

[13:50] Lindee Ellsmere: hmmm

[13:50] Angel Legendary: This is not meant to be a trick question or anything but exploring how we can actually work as a community

[13:50] Bridget Jennings: I like being able to chat with the grid residents when I am online

[13:50] lunastra silverweb: support, guidance, involved

[13:50] Bastien Falconvale: Stay informed, keep an eye on grid chat, answer questions, offer support to each other.

[13:50] Hazumi Kaze: ( freebies to assit in scenic creations? )

[13:50] Lindee Ellsmere: how can we be involved if no one shows up?

[13:51] Lindee Ellsmere: ..... still thinking. Looks up for smoke alarm.

[13:51] Angel Legendary: That's slowing changing Lindee, but I know that can be discouraging

[13:51] Bastien Falconvale: I disabled it last time you were thinking, Lindee. *winks*

[13:51] Lindee Ellsmere: hahahaha

[13:51] Angel Legendary: The best I could come up with was . If you know of someone who is normally around and hasn’t been around for a couple of weeks, try contacting them or letting a concierge member know.

[13:52] Bastien Falconvale: Ahhh... more like "family" than community. Yes.

[13:52] Angel Legendary: adding to that, we could also try asking in community group chat, has anyone seen or heard from such and such

[13:52] Lindee Ellsmere: YES!

[13:52] lunastra silverweb: yes i think so

[13:54] Angel Legendary: I would seriously welcome other ideas on this topic, it's something very close to my heart and something I really want this grid to represent

[13:54] Angel Legendary: And now, I cede the floor to Tenbears

[13:54] Tenbears Running: Thank you, Angel

[13:54] Bridget Jennings: community is the key to gris survival

[13:54] Tenbears Running: I only have a couple items to address today:

[13:54] Tenbears Running: Currently, each of the several servers supporting the Discovery Grid, have been balanced as far as the number of full regions and the number of Discovery Oceans.  We have made a strong effort to do this, as having an equal "load" on each server, provides the best performance for each and every region on the grid.

[13:55] Tenbears Running: this one is very important:

[13:55] Tenbears Running: We do not, at this time, want you to do a Client Restart of your region.  The reason being the tools to allow you to do this have not been fully developed just yet.  When the software is done, you will be able to restart your region from your profile page.  This will ensure, you have a good restart, rather than what we call, a "soft restart" using the client or viewer.

[13:55] talia rosher: participation is also the key

[13:55] Tenbears Running: IF you feel you region needs a restart, and you see me online, please don't hesitate to contact me directly, Jay, or Angel, each of us can restart your region from the console.  If you don't get an immediate reply, go to the support site and submit a support ticket.  We try to check those requests several times a day if at all possible.

[13:56] Tenbears Running: Balpien was not feeling well, late last night, so his appearance has been postponed until our next meeting.

The server code Balpien has been diligently working on, exceeds 20,000 lines of code, so he needs a couple days rest.

[13:56] Lindee Ellsmere: :-O

[13:56] Bastien Falconvale: Whew..

[13:56] Xentor Antarix: beeing awake all night is not healthy I know myself e*nodS*

[13:56] Tenbears Running: I ask folks to not contact Balpien directly during the day, as his duties and responsibilities are huge, and interruptions slow any progress he might be working on at the moment. Again, go to the support pages. and file a ticket.  If it is something that I can handle, when online, contact me online.

[13:57] Tenbears Running: And now for a little Fun

[13:57] Tenbears Running: Balpien has a Hang Glider Rezzer on the roof of this building.  After the meeting has adjourned he would like as many ppl as possible, to try flying the hang glider here on Discovery City.  We want to do a load test on the server. Won't take you long.  The Hang Glider is fun, simply sit on it, push your arrow keys to fly/turn/page up page down for elevation

[13:57] Tenbears Running: When the meeting is over

[13:57] Xentor Antarix: hehe I wear my own hangglider

[13:57] lunastra silverweb: hehe

[13:57] Lindee Ellsmere: coolio

[13:58] lunastra silverweb: *points at his wings*

[13:58] Angel Legendary: So any questions?

[13:58] Tenbears Running: this will be a test of the physical scripting currently on the grid

[13:58] Tenbears Running: Thanks, Angel

[13:58] Kayaker Magic: Is there a date selected for the next meeting?

[13:58] Angel Legendary: err January....

[13:58] Angel Legendary: The tricky bit is holidays etc

[13:58] lunastra silverweb: January is a good time

[13:59] Angel Legendary: At this stage I'll tentatively suggest Saturday 13th Jan

[13:59] Tenbears Running: And If Jay and I don't talk with you folks between now and the Christmas Holiday, a Very Merry Christmas to you and your families

[14:00] Lindee Ellsmere: Yes, Merry Christmas to everyone.

[14:00] Xentor Antarix: ok than if I see you guys notmore till than, happy holidays

[14:00] lunastra silverweb: Too you all too and any other holidays that we might observe :)

[14:00] Xentor Antarix: and a good slide to new year

[14:00] Kayaker Magic: With all the holidaze things going on this time of year, it is good to get a lot of advanced notice.

[14:00] Angel Legendary: And can I add a huge thankyou all for sticking with the grid. Merry Christmas and safe holidays to all

[14:00] Lindee Ellsmere: And Happy Solstice!

[14:00] lunastra silverweb: oh yes, cant wait

[14:00] Lindee Ellsmere: Thank you Angel

[14:00] lunastra silverweb: days too short

[14:00] Bastien Falconvale: Thanks, Angel. And happy holidays, everyone. *smiles*

[14:00] lunastra silverweb: thank you all

[14:00] Lindee Ellsmere: agrees lunastra

[14:01] Angel Legendary: ok, now were are those hang gliders...?

[14:01] Tenbears Running: ON THE ROOF !!!


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