2018-08-04 Meeting

Hello and welcome to Discovery Grid.

To our ‘old’ residents, thank you so much for your help over the last week or so, without you it would not have been possible to have assisted so many of the refugees feel comfortable here.

To our ‘new’ residents, for many of you I know it’s been a hard time, some of you are still in shock, some are angry, some are just very sad.

It may take you some time to settle but the hypergrid can be a fun place to explore.

As one new resident said, I can take my pictures with me, I can find my friends and family again, the rest is just junk I can leave behind.


The senior management team

Many of you already know the senior management team but I thought it would be good for you to actually ‘see’ them, offer them friendship if you want, and understand a little what their individual roles are within the grid.

Angel Discovery founder – I’m the ‘face’ of the grid.

Balpien Hammerer is the grids C.E.O – He’s in charge of the overall grid, making those big decisions such as “do we need a new server” and he writes the code that powers WEB site, the underling grid management system..

Tenbears Running is the Grid Manager – Already many know him from placing region orders or asking for terrains to be changed to asking for directions or help. He’s the grids go-to guy ????

Jay Copperfield is senior management – she helps often behind the scenes but is really great with coordinating ideas – for example she runs Gloebit Mall for the grid.

Lindee Ellsmere is our newest senior manager – during the current influx of people to the grid, Lindee was invaluable in helping coordinate, find out information, directing people and being an overall welcoming presence.

Thank you Lindee for joining the team ????

And last but not least although very flat at the moment is Kayaker Magic who is the grids opensim liaison, goes to intergrid meetings, presents bugs, tests new versions of opensim.

And now I’ll give you a moment to ask questions or to offer friendship to anyone on the team if you wish to do so.



Discovery Grid uses two websites, the main site at https://discoverygrid.net were you will have created your avatar account.

You can look at and reply to offline IMs, check your money balance, mange regions you own, and much more. Please check it out.

Calendar and grid notices are also displayed on this WEB site.

The second website is only used when ordering a region.

You access this website when you click on the buy land option from the main website.

On this support website, you will need to enter in your details again to create a login.

You will be asked for things like your name and address.

For people from the EU, you need to fill in your complete address – this is the only way PayPal will process your payment.

For PayPal purposes, all other countries only require you to enter your country of occupation.

I mention this today as there has been some confusion about logging into the support website.







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