Procedure for uploading your OAR to Discovery Grid

Procedure for uploading your OAR to Discovery Grid.

If you have an OAR from another grid, you can request to have it uploaded into Discovery Grid for the cost of $15 per OAR.

Uploading of the OAR must meet the following conditions:

  • Contains all owned created items


  • All full perm items


  • Contains all exportable items

  • Also the oar must be either the same size as your current region or smaller.

If your OAR is eligible for upload, please file a support ticket and provide the details of your region, your OAR name, location (if relevant) and the URL link for admin to download the OAR to the server.

N.B. If you have an OAR that is larger than your current region you can request custom work to load the OAR in order to get contents from it for a limited time. Price will be quoted on request.

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