Avatar and Region Services

Move Region

Move a region to a different location in the grid.

Rename Region

Change the name of a region.

Restore Region

We take nightly backups of all regions at midnight grid time. You can request a restore of your region to any date (up to 75 days back).

Specify which properties you wish restored - terrain, parcel, prims, settings, all or any combination.
If you believe the system has lost prims, let us know via a support ticket and we will perform a restore to an earlier date for free.

Store a Region

The purpose of this service is for long term storage of a region that has been cancelled. Choose this service if you plan to bring back a region you have cancelled. This MUST be done BEFORE the region tier is due. If you are overdue on your tier this service is not available to you.
This service amounts to three months of long term storage, and it begins when the region tier ends. You may purchase additional 3-month intervals to extend the storage time.

Transfer Ownership

Transfer the ownership of a region to another individual. Note this will require both you and the new owner to approve the transfer. We will contact both of you once the order is placed.

Rename your avatar

We accept only one rename of your avatar every three months, be very sure of your new avatar name. You will be sent an email to your registered address to confirm your request.
Also it is important to know that it can up to 2 weeks for your name change to propagate throughout the entire grid.

Full asset OAR backup of your region

On request we can take a snapshot of your region to produce a full asset OAR that only includes your own created items. It will not include items created by anyone else. Typically, this is done when someone is moving to a different grid.

NOTE - DG makes nightly backups of ALL regions kept on a rolling 75 day cycle. We can restore your region at any time, often for free. Use the restore region service if that is what you need.

You will be sent a link to download the OAR for storage on your own device. The link will remain valid for 14 days. Note - full asset OARs are often large 1-8GB in size. The download time depends entirely on your network speed.
If you request an OAR backup AFTER your region has been taken down an additional restore fee will be assessed to retrieve it from the backups queue.

Load OARs

If you have OARs to bring into Discovery Grid but you do not own a region or your region does not have sufficient prims, we offer a temporary 2x2 region where we can load up to 4 of your OARs into it. Once loaded you have protected access to the region to rummage through the objects. $15 for two weeks.
File a support ticket giving us the URIs to be loaded.
NOTE, if you do own a region, we will load your OAR(s) for free. File a support ticket indicating where you want the OAR(s) dropped in.