Update: Feb 2 - Grid Upgrades Completed 8PM to 11:30PM

11:25 Grid in online. All regions were upgraded. The grid upgraded has completed. 7:50PM - Unoccupied regions shutting down UPDATE - New Date February 2 - Grid Offline for Upgrades 8PM to 2AMThe grid will be upgraded from its current version 2021 May 5 to the latest OpenSim NGC. This upgrade takes a number of fixes from yeti that ... Read More »

30th Jan 2023

28th Jan 2023
Jan 25 - Quick Grid Maintenance Completed

02:08 - Maintenance completed, grid is online

01:30 - I have some linux updates to apply that requires a short 30 minute grid down time.

25th Jan 2023
Happy New Year - 2023 -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQuwhuLQ7ss

Happy new year. Let us make 2023 a brighter and better year.

2022 New Year's Eve Pyromusical fireworks

2nd Jan 2023
NOV 19 - Grid is Online

9:19 PMDNS problems resolved.... Grid is up.   5:00PMPeople are unable to go inworld since 5PM. Though servers are operational, they are unable to communicate with each other. I am checking the domain nameservers to see why they are not resolving requests. I have no estimate yet on how long this outage will last. Please check status from the DG ... Read More »

29th Nov 2022
Nov 19 - OpenSim Grid Survey - ENDED

Thanks to everyone who participated in the OpenSim Grid Survey! We should see the results in a day or two.



This is it. today is the last day: to submit the Hypergridbusiness Opensim Grid Survey time again. Do not delay. Please fill out this survey today. https://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2022/11/2022-opensim-grid-survey/

19th Nov 2022
Nov 16 - Grid offline until 12:20AM - COMPLETED

System updates being applied, so a short grid downtime.

15th Nov 2022
Nov 3 - Grid Maintenance and Optimization 9:30AM, completed 10:50AM

9:30AM - Grid Maintenance All servers are being upgraded to the latest kernel. Region databases are also going to be optimized. We do this quarterly as a performance tuneup. The grid will be offline until approximately 10:30AM (or sooner).   10:50AM - Grid Maintainance Completed It took longer than expected. All regions online, grid ... Read More »

3rd Nov 2022
Oct 10 - Grid Server Hardware Crash and Recovery

10/10/22 2:46 PM Grid time - Hardware Crash OVH support reported a hardware crash of the Discovery Grid Server. It is likely repeated machine check error recovery was happening previous to the crash, causing slow performance.   10/10/22 3:19 PM Grid time - Hardware Repair & Recovery All the RAM modules in the grid server were replaced by ... Read More »

10th Oct 2022
Oct 3 - Region Outages

UPDATE 09:00 - all coms are back. It is a rarity to have both external primary and backup DNS servers go down, but they did. Rerouting completed. All regions should be online again. I tested several. Please file a support ticket if your region in not accessible. 06:00 - Communication between several region servers is down. It appears to be a DNS ... Read More »

3rd Oct 2022