Sept 18 - Moving regions off of RS9 - COMPLETED

18:00 Moving regions off of RS9 - COMPLETED All the regions on RS9 were moved to other servers. Affected region owners, please check them. I did check that the prim counts were identical, script states were saved, and money systems tested OK. Thank you for your patience in this matter.   15:19 Moving regions off of RS9Ever since the fire at ... Read More »

18th Sep 2021
Sept 12 - Money System is back online

16:40 - The DC$ money system is back online. To get the viewer to show your balance, hop to a different region (and back). NOTE: Just because the viewer shows 0DC$ as your balance does not mean you lost your money. It just means the viewer was unable to connect to the money server. You would think  the viewer would show something like ??? or ... Read More »

12th Sep 2021
Sept 12 - Grid Maintenance Completed

1:30 - All regions are coming online. Maintenance completed.

1:00 - OS system updates need to be applied. The grid is being restarted now 1AM. Total time 30 minutes tops.

12th Sep 2021
Sept 10 - Deep Oceans Project Completion

All the community oceans and all private regions adjoining them have been uplifted. The grid now has water set to 100 meters. The terrain blending elevation numbers were also adjusted automatically, but some minor adjustments might be necessary in a few cases. If you missed all the notices sent earlier about this activity, go here to catch ... Read More »

10th Sep 2021
Sept 3 - Once a Year-ish Balance Reminder

Once a year, more or less, I send out a friendly reminder IM to avatars, who have a balance of 4000 DC$ or more, to decide if they are OK with holding high balances. We've seen the debacle with Gloebits nearly keeling over. PODEX has a good reputation, but things can happen, which is why the reminder IM states maintain a balance no higher than ... Read More »

3rd Sep 2021
July 24 - Kitely Deliveries Fixed

DG has had Kitely delivery problems for some time. After receiving a report recently, I looked into and fixed the problem. If you have had delivery problems in the past month, please try redelivering your purchases, or if you were given a refund by Kitely re-order your items. I remind people to please report such problems via a support ticket. We ... Read More »

24th Jul 2021
July 20 - System Software Updates Tonight - Rolling Restarts

UPDATE 9:30 PM  - All maintenance completed.


Some mandatory system software updates need to be applied tonight starting at 7PM, sooner if everyone logs out. The grid-down blackout period will be approximately 30 minutes, followed by rolling restarts of the individual servers.

20th Jul 2021
July 3 - Discovery Grid 5th Anniversary

Five years and going strong. Through thick and thin, through the pandemic of the century, Discovery Grid has endured with the support of its residents. Thank you! Come celebrate our 5th anniversary starting at 2PM through 8PM grid time (Pacific). Events listed in  Upcoming Discovery Grid Events Events listed in the WEB site: ... Read More »

3rd Jul 2021
July 1 - WHMCS billing access fixed

Yesterday, June 31st, access to the billing system was lost. This has been fixed as of today 7:30AM grid time. You will also see that access to the billing system has changed. It is now and all links and billing related buttons in the DG WEB site now reference this new subdomain.   UPDATE July 1, ... Read More »

1st Jul 2021
June 8 - DG Grid upgrade to sasquatch202105.1

DG Grid upgrade to sasquatch202105.1

The entire grid is now upgraded to the 202105.1 release version of Sasquatch. It fixes a bug in the local money module. Object buy transactions were double. NOTE: all of the duplicate transactions were reversed. No money lost.

8th Jun 2021