11:25 Grid in online.
All regions were upgraded. The grid upgraded has completed.

7:50PM - Unoccupied regions shutting down

UPDATE - New Date

February 2 - Grid Offline for Upgrades 8PM to 2AM
The grid will be upgraded from its current version 2021 May 5 to the latest OpenSim NGC. This upgrade takes a number of fixes from yeti that should address avatar rendering on login (the failed bake bug), seeing neighboring regions after they are restarted, etc. We waited this long because along with these fixes were new bugs that needed to be fixed. Unit testing shows this new release should be OK, but the only way to be certain is to try it on the main grid.

This is a multistep process. In this step, the Robust services will be upgraded first along with all regions on server rs13: Cornfield, Discovery City, Example1, Example2, Example3, Example4, Example5, HQX, Louisville, OAR 2x2, Seattle, Test2x2, Test4x4, Test6x6, Test8x8, The Annex.

All other regions will be offline during this test period. Regions may be restarted as part of the testing process. If all goes well, the rest of the grid will be brought online and the remaining regions will be upgraded across the week. If testing uncovers problems, the grid will be restored to the 2021 May 5 version.

Monday, January 30, 2023

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