Sept 18 - 3PM Completed

OMG, that was three 3-hour tours getting the server upgraded. I apologize for the delay. All the regions in RS18 are online.

Sept 18 - Server maintenance rs18 1AM

Server rs18 will be taken offline at 1AM Monday (grid time) for an upgrade to ubuntu 22. The upgrade will take 2-3 hours. Regions offline during the upgrade will be:

Archipelago Aman
Beaver Bay
Bergen aan zee
Cape Deception
Castel Bay
Celestial Japan
Coronado Cays
Dragons Heart
LaJolla Straits
Little Big
Local Colors
Mackinac Island
Mall District
Matagorda Bay
Mermaids Deep
Moreton Bay
Norwegian Sea

Pacific Gyre
Placer Bay
Polar Sea
Sargasso Sea
Sea Dogs Ocean
Sea of Angels
Sea of Cordelia
Sea of Grace
Standing Stones Passage
Straits of Falathrim
Tachyon Sea
Tenggara Sea
Two Birds-One Stone
Wadden Sea


Sunday, September 17, 2023

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