June 16 - Partnering System Fixed

I recently received a support ticket and fixed a bug in the partnering system. If you were having problems partnering in DG, please try it again. Go to region Discovery City, look for the teleport pole and click on "Magistrate".

16th Jun 2023
June 15 - Oceans Upgraded to NGC 8510

I set the oceans to the latest vetted NGC version, This also includes Discovery City, Tie Annex, Seattle, and Louisville.
Do check it out soonest. If all goes well, I will upgrade the rest of the grid in a week.

15th Jun 2023
June 1 - Network Outage Affecting Grid Access - Repaired

June 2UPDATE: an incident report from OVH, the server hosting company, shows that they caused a widespread DNS outage that lasted 30-ish minutes. June 1 18:00At approximately 4:30 PM grid time, the entirety of the grid appeared to go down. None of the servers could be accessed and the DG WEB site itself was not accessible. Further investigation ... Читать далее »

1st Jun 2023
May 31 - Grid Online - Securty Updates Completed

9:12AM - Grid Online - Security updates completed

grid Offline  8:45 - 9:15  Security Updates

The grid will be offline today from 8:45AM to 9:15AM to apply security updates

31st May 2023
May 5 - Grid maintenance Completed 2:30AM

2:30AM - Maintenance complete. Grid is online.

2:00AM - The grid is going offline this morning at 2AM for operating system maintenance. Expected downtime is 45 minutes.

16th May 2023
March 2 - Grid Maintenance/Offline completed at 11:40PM

11:40 PM Grid maintenance completed. All regions online. Databases optimized.   9:30 PM Notecard activity generated so many assets that it filled up the asset storage disk. Please refrain from creating any new items until the grid maintenance completes.   To deflate the affected databases, I will take down the grid for at most a ... Читать далее »

2nd Mar 2023
Update: Feb 2 - Grid Upgrades Completed 8PM to 11:30PM

11:25 Grid in online. All regions were upgraded. The grid upgraded has completed. 7:50PM - Unoccupied regions shutting down UPDATE - New Date February 2 - Grid Offline for Upgrades 8PM to 2AMThe grid will be upgraded from its current version 2021 May 5 to the latest OpenSim NGC. This upgrade takes a number of fixes from yeti that ... Читать далее »

30th Jan 2023
Jan 25 - Quick Grid Maintenance Completed

02:08 - Maintenance completed, grid is online

01:30 - I have some linux updates to apply that requires a short 30 minute grid down time.

25th Jan 2023
Happy New Year - 2023 -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQuwhuLQ7ss

Happy new year. Let us make 2023 a brighter and better year.

2022 New Year's Eve Pyromusical fireworks

2nd Jan 2023
NOV 19 - Grid is Online

9:19 PMDNS problems resolved.... Grid is up.   5:00PMPeople are unable to go inworld since 5PM. Though servers are operational, they are unable to communicate with each other. I am checking the domain nameservers to see why they are not resolving requests. I have no estimate yet on how long this outage will last. Please check status from the DG ... Читать далее »

29th Nov 2022