Dec 31 - New Year's Eve Celebration





















31st Dec 2021
Dec 27 - Discovery Grid is now online again

=======>>>>> Discovery Grid is now online again <======== The asset service crashed early this morning. I have not had a chance to find out exactly when or what did it, but the small damage that needlessly prevented the asset service to go online is repaired and the grid is up again. Logins are ... Leia mais... »

27th Dec 2021
Dec 18 - 2021 Winter Market

The winter market opens Dec 18th to Dec 30th with two special events Dec 18th at 3:30 and 4PM, a 3rd special event Dec 23rd.

Read the Spotlight article here

Winter Market

14th Dec 2021
Dec 10 - OpenSim Sentiment Survey has ended

The Hypergridbusiness OpenSim sentiment poll end on the 9th. 130 people responded to it. See the results

==> Here <==

4th Dec 2021