Oct 14 - Gloebits Operational Again

The Gloebit transaction delays have finally dropped back to their nominal 2 seconds value. It appear sthat he Gloebit company has fixed their problem. Feel free to use Gloebits again. 

14th Oct 2021
Oct 11 - Twelfth Annual Grid Survey Underway - Last Day Oct 16

The Hypergridbusiness grid survey is underway. This is where you get to rate Discovery Grid. Please fill out the survey! The last day for submission is October 16.


11th Oct 2021
Oct 11 - Gloebit Status

It is now clear that the problems related to the Gloebit outage originate from gloebit.com itself. Transactions are slow again. The completion event that triggers a vendor script to deliver what was paid is so slow that it can take from 45 minutes to over a day. This is something the Gloebit company needs to fix on their side. Please read the ... Read More »

11th Oct 2021
Oct 3 - Gloebit Service is down (yes again for the 5th time)

There is no nice way to say this, but yet again the Gloebit service is down. Again. For the 5th time. This problem lies with gloebit.com. They are not processing G$ transactions. They are not accepting comments on their WEB site. ==> Refrain from making inworld Gloebit transactions until The Gloebit company gives the all clear. <== Once ... Read More »

3rd Oct 2021