Mar 22 - New Terms of Service Effective May 1st

The Discovery Grid terms of service has been updated. It will become effective May 1st, 2022. Please read it and agree to it before May. The changes to the TOS are clearly marked with revision bars. The biggest change relates to new federal laws and regulations throughout the United States and the European Union. They require content hosting ... Read More »

22nd Mar 2022
Mar 14 - New WEB site Design

The DG WEB site has been restyled. It is faster, easier to navigate and looks great on tablets and phones. About half the pages are converted, so some pages still exhibit the old style. The process should be completed in another week.



14th Mar 2022
Mar 1 - Security Updates - Grid Maintenance Completed

2:00PM - The grid is back online.

1:28PM - Several important security updates have to be applied. The grid will be offline from 1:30PM to 2PM grid time today.




1st Mar 2022