Region Prim Allotments How to calculate

When a region is parceled as most of our regions are, each parcel is allocated a certain amount of prims, depending upon the size of the parcel. I checked Half Moon Isles this morning and it appears there are three different parcels on the region. Right click each parcel and you will see the Region capacity in top menu "Objects" The number of prims on each parcel is the items within that parcel. An example, one parcel reflects, 178 out of 3945 (3767). When we look at each of the tree parcels on your region I see, 3945+2277+13778 which equals a total of 20,000. / Now adding the number of prims located, i.e. 1043 + 178 + 3049 = 4310, the total number of prims on the region. The console we use and I think you can access this information as well, reflects, 4310 as the total number of prims on your 20,000 region. I hope I was helpful in explaining how this is calculated 
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