Nov 19 - OpenSim Grid Survey - ENDED

Thanks to everyone who participated in the OpenSim Grid Survey! We should see the results in a day or two.



This is it. today is the last day: to submit the Hypergridbusiness Opensim Grid Survey time again. Do not delay. Please fill out this survey today.

19th Nov 2022
Nov 16 - Grid offline until 12:20AM - COMPLETED

System updates being applied, so a short grid downtime.

15th Nov 2022
Nov 3 - Grid Maintenance and Optimization 9:30AM, completed 10:50AM

9:30AM - Grid Maintenance All servers are being upgraded to the latest kernel. Region databases are also going to be optimized. We do this quarterly as a performance tuneup. The grid will be offline until approximately 10:30AM (or sooner).   10:50AM - Grid Maintainance Completed It took longer than expected. All regions online, grid ... بیشتر »

3rd Nov 2022
Oct 10 - Grid Server Hardware Crash and Recovery

10/10/22 2:46 PM Grid time - Hardware Crash OVH support reported a hardware crash of the Discovery Grid Server. It is likely repeated machine check error recovery was happening previous to the crash, causing slow performance.   10/10/22 3:19 PM Grid time - Hardware Repair & Recovery All the RAM modules in the grid server were replaced by ... بیشتر »

10th Oct 2022
Oct 3 - Region Outages

UPDATE 09:00 - all coms are back. It is a rarity to have both external primary and backup DNS servers go down, but they did. Rerouting completed. All regions should be online again. I tested several. Please file a support ticket if your region in not accessible. 06:00 - Communication between several region servers is down. It appears to be a DNS ... بیشتر »

3rd Oct 2022
July 12 - Noon grid maintenance completed

Update 12:15PM - Grid restarted, all regions online.

July 12 - all servers will receive updates and other maintenance, so the grid will be offline from noon today to 12:30PM.

12th Jul 2022
June 15 - Brief grid shutdown at 8PM - Completed


20:30 - Completed.

19:00 - Some critical microcode updates need to be applied to all grid servers tonight.

The grid will be offline from 8PM to 8:20PM.

15th Jun 2022
April 23 - Saturday 1PM Community meeting

Discovery Grid Community Meeting April 23 - 1PM grid time All residents and HG visitors are invited and strongly encouraged to come to the second 2022 Discovery Grid community meeting taking place at region "The Annex". Please be there. I will cover the following topics: - The new TOS and copyright issues and actions - The new DG WEB site - ... بیشتر »

22nd Apr 2022
Mar 22 - New Terms of Service Effective May 1st

The Discovery Grid terms of service has been updated. It will become effective May 1st, 2022. Please read it and agree to it before May. The changes to the TOS are clearly marked with revision bars. The biggest change relates to new federal laws and regulations throughout the United States and the European Union. They require content hosting ... بیشتر »

22nd Mar 2022
Mar 14 - New WEB site Design

The DG WEB site has been restyled. It is faster, easier to navigate and looks great on tablets and phones. About half the pages are converted, so some pages still exhibit the old style. The process should be completed in another week.



14th Mar 2022