2017-09-30 Meeting



[13:02] Angel Legendary: Hello and welcome to this community meeting.

[13:02] Kitty Rider: i hope ya;;can read typoneese

[13:02] Angel Legendary: Before I go on I would like to ask that ALL questions be held until the end of the various speeches so that we can have a coherent conversation.

[13:02] Sy Celina is online.

[13:02] Kitty Rider: ok

[13:02] Balpien Hammerer is online.

[13:03] Bastien Falconvale nods

[13:03] Angel Legendary: As most of you know, I have taken over the ownership and day-to-today management of Discovery Grid from Gregg.

[13:03] Xentor Antarix: see and worship the codemaster

[13:03] Xentor Antarix: hiho :-)

[13:03] Angel Legendary: This has been a difficult year for the grid and it’s taken its toll on Gregg’s already precarious health.

[13:03] Angel Legendary: Through discussion between Gregg and the management team it was decided that Gregg needed to be freed of the weight of Discovery Grid in order that he might recover as much as possible.

[13:03] Xentor Antarix: oh yes I wished him yet getting bette rover skype

13:03] Angel Legendary: As most of you know, I have taken over the ownership and day-to-today management of Discovery Grid from Gregg.

[13:03] Xentor Antarix: see and worship the codemaster

[13:03] Xentor Antarix: hiho :-)

[13:03] Angel Legendary: This has been a difficult year for the grid and it’s taken its toll on Gregg’s already precarious health.

[13:03] Angel Legendary: Through discussion between Gregg and the management team it was decided that Gregg needed to be freed of the weight of Discovery Grid in order that he might recover as much as possible.

[13:03] Xentor Antarix: oh yes I wished him yet getting bette rover skype

[13:04] Bridget Jennings is online.

[13:04] Angel Legendary: Although I previously worked with Gregg I was never ‘in charge’ before so this has been a radical change for me as well.

[13:04] Angel Legendary: I am fortunate to have had such a good team working with me to help DG get through this transition period of missing Gregg and the migration from Zetamex.

[13:04] Taffy Riddler: {Curtsies }

[13:04] Xentor Antarix: if you need help. I told you (me) we would be happy to help

[13:05] Angel Legendary: Xentor, if it wasn't for people like you supporting me (and the team) during this time, we wouldn't be here now :)

13:05] Angel Legendary: The most important thing I want to do in this meeting is to apologise for a number of things that have happened during the migration period.

[13:05] Kitty Rider: we all love it here and wqnat it to work

[13:06] Angel Legendary: The buck stops here (with me) so the saying goes. I take responsibility for things not going well or as planned and I truly am sorry

[13:06] Angel Legendary: I know it’s been tough on a number of people, loosing items on their region, in fact at times losing their entire region!

[13:07] Kitty Rider: loks at Taffy

[13:07] Angel Legendary: It’s also been difficult to log back into Discovery Grid and that has been frustrating for many, both the ‘old’ residents and new ones.

[13:07] Angel Legendary: Hopefully that has been resolved now but I understand how difficult that has been for you and I am sincerely sorry.

[13:07] Angel Legendary: Also, as a I mentioned before, many people have had serious loses with the migration. I am sorry this has happened and I wish I could say that it will be easily fixed but that isn’t going to be the case.

[13:08] Angel Legendary: In a few minutes, Tenbears will be explaining the Oar creation process to you so that you might more better understand some of the issues we faced.

[13:08] Angel Legendary: Also, there are still issues facing the grid.

[13:08] Sy Celina is online.

[13:09] Angel Legendary: Things like uploading mesh, some lag, regions disappearing (like Victoriana does to Taffy), estates not set up fully, not being able to rez new items brought back from the hypergrid, etc.

[13:09] Angel Legendary: We are working on these things but it all takes time and unfortunately, poor Balpien is often working on something to fix one problem only to be pulled away to fix something else

[13:09] Angel Legendary: In a little bit, Balpien is going to explain some of the issues surrounding the migration and what is being done to fix the problems.

[13:10] Angel Legendary: I know you ALL have questions and are tempted... but please wait, you might hear the answers through the next presentations :)

[13:10] Kitty Rider: i was unable to rez but it seems to be ok now

[13:10] Kitty Rider: ok sorry

[13:11] Angel Legendary: lol

[13:11] Angel Legendary: So change of topic

[13:11] Angel Legendary: At the last community meeting it was explained about the new support/billing system.

[13:11] Angel Legendary: It is hoped that all members of the Discovery Community have created an account on the site, but if you haven’t, could you please do so.

[13:12] Angel Legendary: oh yes, lots of photo's please. Thanks Luna :)

[13:12] Angel Legendary: The URL is: https://discoverygridservices.com/whmcs/

[13:12] lunastra silverweb: hehe thanks

[13:12] Angel Legendary: It has been noted that email validations are not going through however I still get notifications of tickets put in and respond as quickly as possible to them.

[13:13] Kitty Rider: i have a question in line with money

[13:13] Angel Legendary: I have created invoices for regions which should be available on the site for payment when you are ready to pay.

[13:13] Angel Legendary: sshh kitty, Balpien will be talking about money

[13:13] Kitty Rider: kk

[13:13] Kitty Rider: zips mouth

[13:14] Angel Legendary: Now it has become public knowledge that some people that there are some free regions within Discovery Grid.

[13:14] Balpien Hammerer: :) $$$ later

[13:14] Angel Legendary: The people with these free regions have them based on an agreement made between themselves and Gregg, which I will honour (when I find out about them that is).

[13:14] Angel Legendary: However, it would obviously be better for the grid if they could become paying re13:15] Angel Legendary: That being said, I have had discussions with a number of people and agreements have been worked out.


[13:15] Angel Legendary: I am sorry though that information was made public.

[13:16] Angel Legendary: If you are one of those affected and haven’t had such a discussion with me yet, please let me know a time for us to get together and chat ????

[13:16] Angel Legendary: As you might have noticed, not all the regions are back up yet.

[13:16] Angel Legendary: A decision was made to restore the regions belonging to people so that they could start rebuilding their lives here.

[13:17] Angel Legendary: Next we started putting up what we call event regions but not even all of those are up yet.

[13:17] Angel Legendary: We have put in a large number of water regions but again not all are in place or in the correct place.

[13:17] Taffy Riddler: Fall event will start soon Iwill IM you later

[13:17] Angel Legendary: As I said, priorities were given to people regions (and it didn’t matter if the region was paid for or free).

[13:18] Angel Legendary: Thanks Taffy, good to think ahead

[13:18] Angel Legendary: And now, I would like to ask Tenbears to explain Oar Creation.

[13:18] Lindee Ellsmere: Thank you Angel!! Xoxo



[13:19] Tenbears Running: Ok, thank you Angel.  And welcome to everyone.   To my right there is a click to obtain a copy of the nc I am about to explain for you

[13:19] Tenbears Running: the process of not complex, but as you will see

[13:19] Kitty Rider: hello tenbears

[13:19] Xentor Antarix: hellolli

13:19] Tenbears Running: after reading, there were and are issues

[13:20] Tenbears Running: Topic: Oar files

Project began Aug 14, 2017

[13:20] Tenbears Running: Regions. OpenSim regions can be saved in the form of OAR files. These files include region terrains and all the objects, textures and scripts located in those regions.

[13:20] Tenbears Running: The process of moving back to Self Management from Zetamex, the previous grid management company, involved the entire Asset Database, to be copied and moved to the new and more powerful servers now used by DG. INVENTORIES are intact, wiht the exception of a few items ppl have reported.

[13:20] Tenbears Running: But obtaining the region OAR files was a different process.  This process was fairly simple to accomplish but very time consuming.  The process went something like this.

[13:21] Tenbears Running: From the Admin console we selected the region the OAR was to be copied.  SAVE OAR ---ONE OAR at a time, no multiple requests for the OAR files on the grid could be done.

[13:21] Tenbears Running: The process then, was to check periodically, until the Admin console provided a download URL to get that OAR file.

[13:21] Tenbears Running: Time factor varied, but our instructions were to wait at least 10 minutes before checking the availability of the download.  If we attempted to get the OAR file before that time fact[13:22] Tenbears Running: Initially, even a relatively small OAR file would take but a couple minutes to download.  We then, uploaded the file to a storage area set up by Angel Legendary on Google Drive. But this was only done after the waiting time period we had been instructed, at least 10 minutes,by far, Jay and I waited 15 to 20 min before another request was made.

[13:22] Tenbears Running: After a couple OAR files had been downloaded using the proces explained, we found the downloads from the Free site Zetamex was using, slowed significantly.  I even found after three or four file downloads, the attempt either stopped completely or was so slow, I just walked away from my computer.

[13:23] Tenbears Running: The process was slower the longer we stayed on their free site.  Several OAR files were as large at 1.25 Gigs, which took as many as 6 hrs or more to download.  And our cable network speed, Jay and I, is over 65mbps.

or, generally, the URL was unavailable for the download we were requesting.

[13:23] Tenbears Running: Again, after the download was complete, it was uploaded to the Google Drive site Angel had set up.

[13:23] Tenbears Running: Four different Admin ppl were involved in this process of saving and uploading the OAR files.

[13:24] Tenbears Running: At this point in time, later,  as the regions were reinstalled onto the new servers, the OAR was applied.  We had no idea any of these files were corrupt or incorrect until the application, weeks later.  Size of the approx, 150 OAR files downloaded over approx a 60 hr project, did not seem to make a difference.  I saw OAR files that were less than 200 MB in size, that applied, what appeared to be properly, as well as files that were over 1Gig in size, and I saw the same size files that did not apply at all, yet the file sizes would indicate, a solid file from the download.

[13:24] Tenbears Running: I am aware of approx. 8 OAR files that did not come in, or, contained only a portion of the items that had reportedly been on the regions.  It was a very unfortunate set of circumstances a lot of work was lost, that had been accomplished over the previous months.

[13:25] Tenbears Running: Angel had two complete regions, on which the OAR files that were also corrupt.

Her regions were water only, even the terrain files were lost.

[13:25] Tenbears Running: Personally, one major project Jay and I did at Greg and Angels request was the Earhart Regional Airport.  While the RAW file / terrain / did apply properly, nearly 14000 prims did not.  So we will rebuild the airport, it is just a big part of this game we play, creating, exploring and e[13:26] Angel Legendary: Thanks Tenbears. I know how much effort you and Jay and Chak put into creating the oars and then applying them and how heart broken you've been at the results.

njoying our hobby.

[13:26] Tenbears Running: I am a simple boat builder, drafted into the Discover Grid Army.  We will continue to support Angel and to support the Discovery Grid.  I know it will survive, some folks will not be happy and leave but, in the long run, DG is by far the most

[13:26] Angel Legendary: /m mutters Army??? More like senior management but we'll let that one pass - for the moment

[13:26] Tenbears Running: unique Opensim grid available today..and thx for listening



[13:27] Kitty Rider: ty tenbears

[13:27] Balpien Hammerer: hello

[13:27] lunastra silverweb: hello

[13:27] Kayaker Magic: Currency state?

[13:27] Kitty Rider: bi ya balpien

[13:27] Tuscan Lectar: Chello!

[13:27] Balpien Hammerer: Wow, what a bumpy ride!

[13:27] Aliah Dufaux: Hello

[13:27] Xentor Antarix: :-)

[13:27] Xentor Antarix: hello

[13:28] Balpien Hammerer: Today I will give you a brief history of the state of discovery grid and its adventures across space and time.

[13:28] Balpien Hammerer: - DG was hit by a malware attack in May.

The attack, wannacrypt, encrypted many region files.

[13:29] Balpien Hammerer: I was called in to begin recovery from the attack. I recovered the asset database.

[13:29] Balpien Hammerer: Angel and I recovered many of the region databases, so from that and backup OAR files, we started to piece together enough of the grid to restore it.

13:29] Balpien Hammerer: BTW, that took some time to rfile through the mess.

[13:29] Balpien Hammerer: - By June Discovery Grid was moved to Zetamex.

Because of the enormity of the task, DG owner, Gregg, decided to move Discovery Grid to Zetamex.

[13:30] Balpien Hammerer: They, zetamex, would do the day to day maintenance and take the owners' recommendations on performance objectives.

[13:30] Balpien Hammerer: The former part went well. Zetamex took the pieces and recreated the grid.

[13:33] Balpien Hammerer: You can imagine the tensses moment that created.

[13:33] Balpien Hammerer: In the end I had to write a converter app. Although it successfully recreated all avatar assets, it took a week to get this done.

[13:34] Balpien Hammerer: The actual data conversion took 3 entire days of nonstop server to server copies to do nearly 600GB of reoganization.

[13:34] Balpien Hammerer: When then through the process of recreating the regions and applying the OARs that were taken.

[13:34] Balpien Hammerer: - By mid September all homestead regions were up, though we found problems.

[13:35] Balpien Hammerer: All the homestead regions were created but then we discovered that some of the OARs were either corrupted or contained region data of some other region!

[13:35] Balpien Hammerer: Unfortunatly there was no way this could be found earlier because we had to have servers set up, and none were available until September.

[13:36] Balpien Hammerer: We immediately went back to Zetamex to retake OARs but they prematurely scrubbed the data from their servers.

[13:36] Balpien Hammerer: So here we are, but we migth be able to recover more.

[13:36] Balpien Hammerer: So... To Be Fixed

[13:36] Balpien Hammerer: - The money server needs to be installed

We contracted with an opensim developer to set up the opensim part of the grid. She did a great job, but it was an undertakng much bigger than her previous jobs.

[13:37] Balpien Hammerer: So, there where limits to her abilities, and the money server was omething o[13:37] Balpien Hammerer: Hence we went on a search to find someone, we have the knowlege to reinstall the money server.

[13:38] Balpien Hammerer: Until then land parcel sales do not work.

[13:38] Balpien Hammerer: However, existing avatar money balances are safe and backed up.

ut of scope for he

[13:38] Balpien Hammerer: Angel can tell you (in private) what your balance is, if you are worried about that.

[13:38] Xentor Antarix: good I had neve rmoney here

13:38] Tuscan Lectar: *Raising Hand*

[13:38] Balpien Hammerer: So, I will repeat: your DC money is safe, backed up both on the databases and on paper.

[13:39] Balpien Hammerer: As soon as the money server is up your balances will reappear.

[13:39] Kitty Rider: willl the excahge be fixed to a normal rate[

13:39] Balpien Hammerer: Podex also has a list.

[13:39] Angel Legendary: that discussion is for another time Kitty :)

[13:39] Kitty Rider: ok

[13:40] Balpien Hammerer: Sorry, I'm no the money person, so can;t answer that one ;)

[13:40] Kitty Rider: np

[13:40] Balpien Hammerer: - Region content restoration

[13:40] Balpien Hammerer: Though most regions are up and OK, some regions were not restored. Bad OAR files from Zetamex.

[13:40] Balpien Hammerer: They did send us the raw region databases, so with considerable spelunking we might be able to restore content from those regions.

[13:41] Balpien Hammerer: It is a terribly manual and slow process, so this will take time to do.

[13:41] Balpien Hammerer: - Performance problems, occasional region freeze need attention

[13:41] Balpien Hammerer: When the grid was rebuilt, the opensim install was moved from v0.9.0RC2 to v0.9.0Release. Though people advised us to do that, it turns out that bugs were introduced into ubODE on the release version.

[13:41] Taffy Riddler: Your saying you can restore the objects?

[13:42] Balpien Hammerer: Taffy, I'm saying we MIGHT be able to restore region contents.

[13:42] Balpien Hammerer: It will be on a try and see basis.

[13:42] Taffy Riddler: *•.¸ OK ¸.•*

[13:42] Taffy Riddler: as I do have the raw

[13:42] Balpien Hammerer: kk

3:42] Balpien Hammerer: back to performance problems...

[13:43] Balpien Hammerer: about the release version of ubODE:

[13:43] Balpien Hammerer: The consequence of this is that from time to time ubODE goes nuts and causes the region to appear to freeze (avatars cannot move).

[13:43] Xentor Antarix: (Depending on the scale of your linksets)

[13:43] Balpien Hammerer: The freeze lasts about a minute, just long enough for the viewer to timeout and quit. We are looking at moving to the v0.9.1 (or v0.9.2) development version to see if that fixes this new problem.

[13:43] Xentor Antarix: (the "nuts Intervall)

[13:44] Balpien Hammerer: whodathunk moving from RC2 to a release version would have been worse?

[13:44] Balpien Hammerer: Oh well, that's opensim :)

[13:44] Angel Legendary: me, me, i would've

[13:44] Angel Legendary: oops, sorry, being quiet now

[13:45] Tuscan Lectar: Is this a 64 bit archetecture?

[13:45] Balpien Hammerer: - Mesh sandbox region needs fixing

[13:45] Balpien Hammerer: The mesh sandbox was created, along with the other regions, as v0.9.0. This was incorrect and the mesh sandbox needs to placed in a simulator running v0.8.x.

[13:45] Balpien Hammerer: This require doing a special build just for that region.

[13:45] Balpien Hammerer: and that takes time.

[13:45] Balpien Hammerer: - Voice server needs to be installed

[13:45] Balpien Hammerer: When the opensim codebase was applied, the voice server setup was omitted. Few people use voice, so no one noticed it. This is lower priority than the other issues, so it may be a while before voice is back.

[13:46] Balpien Hammerer: Meanwhule we text chat :0

[13:46] Balpien Hammerer: - Avatar portal (wifi) is up but needs extras

[13:46] Balpien Hammerer: Right now it is the basics: account creation, login.

Will add world map, region status.

Will add friends list.

[13:46] Balpien Hammerer: -Automation tools need to be developed

[13:46] Balpien Hammerer: The tools to set up opensim and to maintain it are rudimentary at best.

[13:46] Balpien Hammerer: Most processes are completely manual, and they kind of work OK for small grids.

[13:47] Balpien Hammerer: But DG is mid sized grid, and those manual processes are time consuming and error prone.

[13:47] Balpien Hammerer: I am working on region creation, estate assignment, renaming, etc. tools.

[13:47] Balpien Hammerer: This is necessary to help reduce the workload on staff.

[13:47] Balpien Hammerer: Finally....

[13:47] Balpien Hammerer: Thanks for your patience on these matters. It's a lot to do with very few people.

8] Balpien Hammerer: OK, angel, over to you.

[13:48] Lindee Ellsmere: Thanks so much Balpien!

[13:48] Angel Legendary: Thanks Balpien. I know the huge number of hours you’ve put in on Grid’s behalf and I truly thank you for that.

13:48] Angel Legendary: So looking onwards and upwards. Bastien is going to share with us his vision for Discovery Village.

[13:48] Balpien Hammerer: :0

[13:48] Balpien Hammerer: :)

[13:49] Xentor Antarix: so long and thanks for all the fish :-)

[13:49] lunastra silverweb: hehe

[13:49] Kitty Rider: thanbks balpien

[13:49] Bastien Falconvale: Howdy, folks. Good to see all 18 of you here. This is a pretty good turnout.

[13:50] Bastien Falconvale: So... we've heard about the bad and the good, the lost and the fixable. But most of us have been involved in Opensim grids for a while now and we recognize that it's pretty much based on Murphy's Law.

[13:50] Bastien Falconvale: "If a thing can go wrong... it will."

0] Bastien Falconvale: "If a thing can go wrong... it will."

[13:50] Balpien Hammerer: :) yep!

[13:50] Bastien Falconvale: We crash and burn, we get up and walk away... and we start again. That's the nature of opensim, and the people here in it are pioneers who are used to dealing with the hardships. We're survivors... and we'll survive this, too.

[13:51] Bastien Falconvale: Most of us in this room have been affected by at least one of the disasters over the past year, many of us haven't recovered, but we're still here and still moving forward into the future of the grid

:51] Bastien Falconvale: I want to talk about Discovery Village. Something that can be worked on now. Without interfering with the work on the rest of the infrastructure. Or... at least I don’t think it will. *grins* I'm sure someone will tell me if it does.

[13:52] Bastien Falconvale: When we open our doors again, curious people will be arriving. We want them to stay, right? That's the whole point of an attractive Welcome Area and an interesting grid. We're working hard to make the rest of the grid stable and attractive, also. But how are we going to keep the visitors we attract?

[13:52] Bastien Falconvale: Of the very few complaints I've heard about Discovery from the Metaverse travelers who have come to check on us the main one was, "I had no place to stay while I checked it out. No place to set Home to or rezz things I bought."

[13:53] Kitty Rider: seems to be ok now

[13:53] Bastien Falconvale: Not many people are going to come in and immediately says, "Yeah, I think I'll buy land here and settle down." They come to get a feel for the grid. See if it's stable. See if there are activities. See what there is to buy. See what the people are like. And if they have nowhere to stay while they're looking around they're going to leave.

[13:53] Bastien Falconvale: Think about it... when your job takes you to another city and you're looking for a home there so you can bring your family, the first thing you want is a place to stay so you have time to look around at your leisure. Right?

[13:54] Angel Legendary: right

[13:54] Bastien Falconvale: That's what Discovery Village is all about.

[13:54] Grid: Balpien Hammerer gave you DG - State of the Grid - Balpien Hammerer.

[13:54] Bastien Falconvale: After our Welcome Center, this should be one of the most comfortable and attractive areas on the grid. A place they can stay for =no longer than 30 days= while they get their bearings and Discover Discovery with all the things that make us great.

[13:55] Kitty Rider: i am sorry i have to leave rl is calling

[13:55] Angel Legendary: thanks for coming Kitty

[13:55] Bastien Falconvale: Of course, Kitty. Glad you made it this far.

[13:55] Balpien Hammerer: oh heck, I forgot: HG issues - working on those too!

[13:56] Bastien Falconvale: lol And we'll need those fixed for these new people coming in.

[13:56] Bastien Falconvale: Angel is kindly allowing me to design and build Discovery Village and I plan to make it unique among the rest of the "freebie housing" in the Metaverse.

[13:56] lunastra silverweb: that is a nice and welcoming strategy

[13:56] Xentor Antarix: once I helped with others at the Project at Inworlz to redesign the welcome center, sadly our design suggestion was not take

[13:56] Xentor Antarix: n

[13:57] Balpien Hammerer smiles

[13:57] Bastien Falconvale: This will be different from the little square postage stamp plots you find on 90% of the grids you visit. This will be like... well, like most of the things you've already seen me build here. *grins* Lakes, streams, different elevations, trees, rocks and flowers.

57] Angel Legendary: unicorns, rainbow waterfalls.... just for Jay

[13:57] Jay Copperfield: Thank you!

[13:57] Xentor Antarix: hehe

[13:58] Bastien Falconvale coughs... clears his throat and grins at Jay.

[13:58] Bastien Falconvale: I can generally get four or five homes on a standard sim while creating beauty and a sense of privacy around them. I'll have SIXTEEN sims to build on and will be able to set up a minimum of 64parcels on that.

[13:58] Bastien Falconvale: Even WITH the unicorns and rainbow waterfalls.

[13:58] Angel Legendary: :)

[13:58] Bastien Falconvale: I plan to have groupings four or five homes in an area for friends to stay close, as well spreading out to cover the whole region, this will be as unlike any other temporary housing as Discovery will be unlike any other grid.

[13:58] Xentor Antarix: *sings the last unichorn*

[13:59] Bastien Falconvale: I have a few small, low-prim house designs I can use that will blend in with the environment and, even though I'm anywhere near the Master Builder Tenbears is, I can easily whip up a few more. By the time the grid is ready to open, I'll have enough parcels ready to go that the new folks who trickle in will have a cozy temp home to live in while they check out the grid.

[13:59] Balpien Hammerer must leave. I have an RL appointment. Be well everyone!

[14:00] Bastien Falconvale: not** anywhere ...Absolutely, Balpien. Thanks for all your hard work!

[14:00] Taffy Riddler is offline.

[14:00] Bastien Falconvale: How will they rent them? Here's where I need help from some of the "big brains" in the group. You probably already have something that will work. I'd like to have rent signs that will correspond to the parcel numbers. If the parcel is rented, the sign shows =Rented= and if it's available, they can click a sign that shows =Available= and get the LM, then click the box outside the house to start their 30-day lease.

[14:01] Taffy Riddler is online.

[14:01] Bastien Falconvale: Alternatively, I can just put rent boxes outside the homes and let them stumble around until they find one that's available. So if we can automate this through scripts, great. If I have to do it manually, not so great, but still doable using rent boxes.

[14:01] Balpien Hammerer is offline.

[14:01] Bastien Falconvale: High tech or low tech, this is an area we need to have ready by the time the grid is open for business. I can get on it as soon as I have a region to work on.

[14:01] Tea Lemon whispers: Awwww a Great up of English Tea!

[14:02] Bridget Jennings: simple it good

[14:02] Bridget Jennings: is

[14:02] Bastien Falconvale: Simple is always good, Bridget. To save a little time, I'd like to drop a RAW file on the region so I have a base to work from, but if I can't get that... I'll do it all by hand. That's why my nickname is "Gardener." *winks* I don't mind getting dirty

14:02] Bastien Falconvale: Oh, and I'll ride herd on our noobs personally. Not as a Concierge, but as a guide. It's a job I enjoyed in GCG and I believe I'll enjoy it even more here in Discovery.

Bastien Falconvale: So there's the concept for Discovery Village, the reason behind it, the design outline, the tech I'd like to have in place and the alternative if the tech is not available.

[14:03] Angel Legendary: Thanks Bastien, it’s really good to start looking forward rather than just looking at what once was ????

[14:03] Bastien Falconvale: I think it's something that will make coming here and checking us out easier... and in the long run, attractive enough to stay.

[14:03] Lindee Ellsmere: Thank you Bastien. GREAT ideas!!!!

[14:04] Bastien Falconvale smiles at Angel and steps down from the podium

14:04] Angel Legendary: This grid is open for ideas, if you have any (be polite here!) that you think might benefit the grid, please let me know.

[14:05] Angel Legendary: Taffy mentioned a fall event which reminds me that we need to start thinking about events.

[14:05] Angel Legendary: If you have ideas for events, please have a chat to Taffy (our events coordinator) to see how the grid can help you ????

[14:05] Angel Legendary: I have been asked for an update on Gregg.

[14:05] Taffy Riddler: well fall is only  a month left in most of the norhtern countries

[14:05] Bastien Falconvale: Events are almost as important to a grid's traffic as housing.

[14:06] Angel Legendary: He is depressed, he is sad, he feels bad about the grid but he is working through things.

[14:06] Angel Legendary: Eventually, hopefully, his health will improve to a point he feels he can come back but he will never again manage the grid.

[14:06] Chak Roberts is online.

[14:06] Taffy Riddler: We weill start Christmas Event now so our builds are done in time.

[14:06] Taffy Riddler: We weill start Christmas Event now so our builds are done in time.

[14:06] Angel Legendary: He has said that over and over and seeing the result on his health, I would have to agree.

[14:06] Xentor Antarix: hm he can come and roleplay with us when he likes sci fi

[14:07] lunastra silverweb: send our best regards to Gredd

[14:07] Lindee Ellsmere: Angel please tell Greg he is loved.

[14:07] lunastra silverweb: gregg

[14:07] Angel Legendary: It has taken a huge toll on him and I don’t want to lose him earlier than I have to.

[14:07] Brize Karu: send our thoughts and prayers to him plz

[14:08] Angel Legendary: Thank you all, I'll pass on your kind comments to him. I know he'll appreciate them

[14:08] Sy Celina: Angel and everyone... I'm so sorry but I need to take off and save granpa from a 2.5 year old.

[14:08] Taffy Riddler: We miss him so

[14:08] Angel Legendary: Thanks for coming Sy

[14:08] Tenbears Running: :)

[14:08] lunastra silverweb: :)

[14:08] Brize Karu: discovery is in safe hands

[14:08] Jay Copperfield: Later Sy :)

[14:08] Lindee Ellsmere: Bye Sy!

[14:08] Sy Celina: Tty sooooon!

[14:08] Angel Legendary: and welcome to the late, great Mr Roberts

[14:08] Tuscan Lectar: I have a Question

[14:08] Sy Celina: take care!

[14:08] Bastien Falconvale: Later, Sy.

[14:08] Angel Legendary: Organising our Christmas event, that is a good community project.

[14:09] Tuscan Lectar: Can one stil   acquire/By a Parcel now or defer until the   Money server is up and running??

[14:09] Sy Celina is offline.

[14:09] Xentor Antarix: Uh there I cna perhaps ofer sth nie for. m,ade once a nice Skydome with an autora borealis

[14:10] Angel Legendary: I will get with Taffy to discuss details of location etc for the christmas event but the best option is to discuss your involvement directly with her as she will be managing it

[14:10] Kayaker Magic: I gave away free "zero lag" holiday lights last year. If anyone needs copies for decorations come see me

[14:10] Bridget Jennings: if the oars for last year's Xmas event sim are available - we might have a leg up on starting

[14:10] Taffy Riddler: I need all that want to  be in any evnt to join the evnt group

[14:10] Tenbears Running: Tuscan has an important question:

[14:10] Angel Legendary: So that ends the formal part of the meeting. I will now open the floor to questions.

[14:10] lunastra silverweb: thank you, i wanted to know too

[14:11] Angel Legendary: Yes Tuscan, Atm, until we can get the estates working correctly it's tricky to 'sell' regions to new people but not impossible

[14:11] Angel Legendary: Your own region is now available for you to work on but it's not fully in your name as yet.

[14:11] Tuscan Lectar: Ok.   I ahve   approximately   ten (10)  buyers   waiting in teh wings

[14:11] Bastien Falconvale: Question... *waits to be recognized*

[14:11] Tuscan Lectar: *the

[14:12] Taffy Riddler: assign spot did not work well late year. some used 20 prims other wanted 20,000 prim. so  land sales would be best

[14:12] Angel Legendary: Well if they are happy to use the cobbled together method we used for your region, they are welcome to buy now

[14:12] Taffy Riddler: `*•.¸(`*•.¸ lool ¸.•*´)¸.•*´

13] Angel Legendary: Does that help answer your question Tuscan?

[14:13] Tuscan Lectar: Ok  will pass it on   I do know of  three that can work round that  "cobbled" system  Wouldnt bother them

[14:13] Taffy Riddler: so until funds are done. we will do as we have done.

[14:13] Tuscan Lectar: Yep!!!

[14:13] Angel Legendary: great

[14:13] Angel Legendary: Bastien you 'raised' your hand?

[14:13] Bastien Falconvale: Thanks, Angel. *smiles* Is it possible now... or will it soon be possible... to download our own RAW files rather than wait for you or Balpien?

[14:13] Tuscan Lectar: Moreover.   A few of us   who are comign over  have  Computer Engineering and  Design backbrounds .. any thing we can contribute, let us know

[14:14] Angel Legendary: well, have you tried putting it on the region yet?

[14:14] Bastien Falconvale: I have not. I didn't want to break anything. *grins* I'll give it a try.

[14:14] Angel Legendary: I am assuming you are talking about the village and not about your personal region?

[14:14] Angel Legendary: oh Tuscan, I think i love you

[14:14] lunastra silverweb: hehe

[14:14] Angel Legendary: oops, sorry not appropriate but thank you

[14:14] Taffy Riddler: what happened to the You May enjoy this Gorups to join sign

[14:15] Bastien Falconvale: I haven't been able to find the Village yet. *chuckles* And I was talking about my personal region =and= Lakeview Terrace.

[14:15] lunastra silverweb: *giggles*

[14:15] Rique.Giano @hg.zangrid.ch:8002 is offline.

[14:15] Tuscan Lectar: Well there is I,   Krakkend  in teh back ,  Taharqa and  Matrix who wil be coming over soon

[14:15] Angel Legendary: ah, well your personal region is a cobbling of 4 raws together and I'm working on that

[14:15] Kayaker Magic: Bastien: the raw file downloads from your viewer have always been iffy on 1x1 regions, on large regions it is very likely to fail. And it is slow when it works.

4:16] Angel Legendary: yes, true Kayaker, I found that uploading a raw to my region previously could take up to 8 hours!

[14:16] Bastien Falconvale: I have a plan for that which could save you some time, Angel. And thanks, Kayaker. I'll probably give it a shot before I got to bed and just wake up to success or failure in the morning.

[14:16] Bastien Falconvale: go* to bed...

[14:16] Angel Legendary: and it's lovely to see you here Tuscan, Taharqa and KrakkenAres. Welcome to the grid :)

[14:17] Taffy Riddler: Yes Welcome to DG

[14:17] Angel Legendary: Taffy what group sign and where was it?

[14:17] Kayaker Magic: I have some tools that generate the terrain from a script. Since it is on the server the long download times are bypassed. If you want interesting terrain for Discovery Village, come talk to me about what you need.

14:17] Bastien Falconvale: Always glad to have new people coming in! You'll love it here!

[14:18] Taffy Riddler: the one in the hall of regions will all the none gain groups

[1418] Tuscan Lectar: Ahh  where is these RAW files originally   stored?  Reason I ask.  If it in a  Cloud or  separete hardrive?

[14:18] Taffy Riddler: chat, ad's and events entertainment

:18] Bastien Falconvale: I'll do that, Kayaker! Thanks!

[14:18] Taffy Riddler: groups that is

[14:19] Angel Legendary: hmm, ok, I know some signs went missing. Brize was mentioning that his region sign had gone. So maybe it's gone on holiday as well?

[14:19] Bastien Falconvale: I get them from Metropolis Metaversum grid, Tuscan. A region there called Terrains.

[14:19] Angel Legendary: The raw files to be uploaded by the management team are located on the server. For others, I don't know where they are coming from

[14:19] Bastien Falconvale: I store them on my hard drive and upload from there.

[14:20] Bridget Jennings: I assume most people store their own

[14:21] Angel Legendary: Which group is that for Taffy?

[14:21] Taffy Riddler: I thought I found it but is is missing

[14:21] Angel Legendary: oh Aliah, I didn't welcome you, I'm so sorry. I hate to say this but you 'blended'

[14:22] Aliah Dufaux: smiles thank you

[14:22] Xentor Antarix: :-)

[14:22] Angel Legendary: so any further questions?

[14:22] Taffy Riddler: this one

[14:22] Brize Karu: I have one

[14:22] Taffy Riddler: sorry bridget

[14:23] Lindee Ellsmere: Thank you everyoone for all the information. It's always great to get together.

[14:23] Brize Karu: Tp's are shakey at the moment

[14:23] Taffy Riddler: anyone whom is anyone would  be in these groups....lol

[14:23] Bastien Falconvale: Glad you could make it, Lindee. It's always good to see you on any grid. *smiles*

[14:23] Angel Legendary: you're having a problem with tp's Brize?

[14:23] Lindee Ellsmere: You too Bastien! I didn't even know you were here. :-))

[14:24] Lindee Ellsmere: On the grid I mean.

[14:24] Brize Karu: yes to HG timeout

[14:24] Bastien Falconvale: Look for Jay and Ten. They tell me when they find a "good grid" and I go look. *grins* So I'm usually somewhere nearby when you see them.

[14:24] Lindee Ellsmere: LOL.... me too!

[14:24] lunastra silverweb: peer pressure, or requesting membership? Taffy?

[14:25] lunastra silverweb: :)

4] lunastra silverweb: peer pressure, or requesting membership? Taffy?

[14:25] lunastra silverweb: :)

[14:25] Taffy Riddler: all the above...lol

[14:25] Xentor Antarix: I would suggest to add a roleplay Gorup

[14:25] Xentor Antarix: (to this collection)

[14:25] Xentor Antarix: for roleplay projects

[14:25] Lindee Ellsmere: What are you pressuring us to join Taffy? (LOL)

[14:25] Jay Copperfield: Best way to keep me quiet is to have me copying the meeting minutes and trying not to get lost!

[14:25] Taffy Riddler: that would have been in the hall of region

[14:25] lunastra silverweb: hehe

[14:26] Bridget Jennings: I joined all theses groups before the crash

[14:26] Bastien Falconvale: I noticed you were unusually silent, Jay. *grins*

[14:26] Taffy Riddler: I joined them as they were made

[14:27] Angel Legendary: it's gone quiet, does that mean everyone fell asleep?

[14:27] Taffy Riddler: scripts?

[14:27] Xentor Antarix: hehe I made a suggestion

[14:27] Angel Legendary: scripts?

[14:27] Tuscan Lectar: No  *smiles*

[14:27] Chak Roberts: BACK TO SLEEP

[14:27] Bridget Jennings: 90minute meeting

[14:27] Tenbears Running: Taffy, allow me to create an area near the hall of regions, similar in appearance and Group signs and join scripts can be added as you wish

[14:27] Chak Roberts: ✔ ✕ ✖ HAHAHAHAHAHA ✖ ✕ ✔

[14:28] Taffy Riddler: there is a probelm that lots of scripts do not work properly

[14:28] Angel Legendary: and I made a group. I sent you an invite Xentor

[14:28] lunastra silverweb: cool

:28] Tuscan Lectar: As for scripts    we  ( Pryxis Allaince)  ahve  over  1200 scripts that we wil  set up  a respository fo ral to ahve  access to   It wil be categorized and should make life easier for many

[14:29] Tuscan Lectar: It can be in teh Welcome center if you like    Just let us know

[14:29] lunastra silverweb: it would be nice to offer the free things that i make somewhere, besides our area

[14:29] Angel Legendary: Nice Tuscan. Can I suggest you test your scripts on a sandbox before putting them on your personal region?

[14:29] Lindee Ellsmere: Freebies in Discovery Village maybe?

[14:29] Tenbears Running: Tuscan, please contact me after the meeting, we can seriously discuss that idea

[14:30] Tuscan Lectar: Sure    Sandbox first

14:30] Taffy Riddler: Gegg and Jan had a wonderful script lib in the old welcome city

[14:30] Angel Legendary: just we discovered some time ago that not all scripts behave themselves. They don't always play well with others

[14:30] Tuscan Lectar: Is this   Grid base on a 64 bit or 32 bit  archetecture?????

[14:30] Angel Legendary: 64 bit

[14:31] Bastien Falconvale: I like the idea of freebies in Discovery Village, Lindee.

[14:31] Lindee Ellsmere: :-)

[14:31] Tuscan Lectar: All of our scripts ahve ben tested  against  64 bit archetecture  we stil test  in the  sandbox. but  we see  very little    problems  *smiles*

[14:31] Xentor Antarix: I think his scripts are far better than mine

[14:31] Angel Legendary: At the next meeting, I have some ideas I'd like to discuss with the community. So it will be more of a round table session.

[14:31] Xentor Antarix: so I doub there will be a problem

[14:32] Taffy Riddler: Jan did the script testing for the ones I had test and sent to him to test and put out for others

[14:32] Angel Legendary: things like free items, placement etc. Money, etc

14:32] Angel Legendary: So to recap, talk to Taffy if you have ideas or help for the Christmas event

[14:33] Angel Legendary: Talk to Xentor if you would like to be part of the roleplay group

[14:33] Brize Karu: is Jan still about ??

[14:33] Taffy Riddler: or if you want to do a build in the event

[14:33] Angel Legendary: Talk to Tenbears about needing signage etc

[14:33] Taffy Riddler: Yes, Jan does pop in now and then

[14:33] Brize Karu: ok ty

[14:34] Angel Legendary: between you me and the doorpost, the supposition is that he has a girlfriend :)

[14:34] Bastien Falconvale: Talk to Bastien about terraforming. *winks*

[14:34] Bridget Jennings: lol

[14:34] Taffy Riddler: `*•.¸(`*•.¸ lool ¸.•*´)¸.•*´

[14:34] Taffy Riddler: I hear that too

[14:34] Angel Legendary: ok, next meeting in a month. Concierge meeting next Saturday

[14:34] Chak Roberts: no g/f that I know about ---- YET??

[14:34] Lindee Ellsmere: Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help with events or anything else

[14:35] Taffy Riddler: *•.¸ OK ¸.•*

[14:35] Taffy Riddler: freind me please

[14:35] Angel Legendary: Taffy you hear that, you have a volunteer :)

[14:35] Bastien Falconvale: Good meeting, everyone. I need to head out of here for now. Talk to you all soon. And, Angel... let me know when I can stand on Discovery Village and become inspired. *grins*

[14:35] Taffy Riddler: *:-.,_,Yayyyyyyy!!!_,.-:*'``'*

[14:35] Brize Karu: my bum is numb hehe

[14:35] Lindee Ellsmere: Okies.....

[14:35] Xentor Antarix: Have a nice day Bastien

[14:35] Lindee Ellsmere: Bye.









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